Affinity Boost

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Affinity Boost is a type of Damage Boost:

They are the only boost that is naturally capped at 100%. This cap can be increased for most affinities in the Cave of Life, or through Demon Force.

In most cases, it will look something like this: (Affinity)高揚+(Amount%)
What falls under this:

斬撃: Slash
突撃: Thrust
打撃: Blunt

射撃: Handgun
貫通: Penetrate
散弾: Spread

火炎: Fire
氷結: Ice
電撃: Electric
衝撃: Force

破魔: Expel
呪殺: Death

魔力: Mystic
神経: Nerve
精神: Mind

回復: Curative
万能: Almighty

Despite the description, the Cerberus/Orthrus set bonus does not fall under this damage type. Instead it falls under Action Boost.