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General Information

Beasts in general are strong physical fighters that are fairly good at taking and keeping aggro, and generally have a reasonable array of combat choices. There are many kinds of beasts, and each have their own unique properties that can make them a good choice for any character build, but generally a beast type is among the best choices for a caster to take. This is mostly due to the fact that beasts are generally close fighters, with good speed and fairly strong defenses.

How to Fuse

Fusion Range Demon Level Cost Success Rate
1-13 Cait Sith 7 24 90%
14-25 Cu Sith 13 84 81%
26-35 Inugami 18 162 73%
36-51 Nekomata 26 338 61%
52-61 Orthrus 31 480 54%
62-73 Tan-Ki 37 684 45%
74-83 Dawon 42 882 37%
84+ Cerberus 49 1200 27%
Special Fusion Gryphon 74 5%
Elemental Fusions
Erthys Aeros Aquans Flamies
Down Up Down Up
Family Combinations
Nocturne+Wilder Dragon King+Wild Bird Dragon King+Brute Godly Beast+Goddess
Holy Beast+Earth Element Holy Beast+Fallen Angel Wilder+Goddess Divine+Femme
Earth Mother+Earth Element Evil Demon+Femme

Demon caitsith icon.png Cait Sith

Main article: Cait Sith

A fairy that takes the form of a cat. Its name means "fairy cat." The Cait Sith can converse in human tongues and walk on two legs, making no sound as it moves. It normally lives as a cat a travels back and forth between the Cat Kingdom and the human world. It has a white star-shaped mark on its chest.

The Cait Sith appears in Irish and Scottish legends and served as the model for Puss-in-Boots.

Demon cusith icon.png Cu Sith

Main article: Cu Sith

A fairy of Scottish legend that takes the form of a dog. Roughly the size of a calf, it is kept by the fairies as a guard dog. Because it can walk without making a sound and can understand human speech, the fairies often use it as a mount.

The Cu Sith has dark green fur, legs about the size of human legs, and a long, curled tail. It glides soundlessly when it walks.

The Cu Sith is usually accompanied by fairies, but sometimes goes out alone. When it does so, people must find shelter before Cu Sith barks three times, or they will be killed.

Demon inugami icon.png Inugami

Main article: Inugami

Dogs of Japanese legend who possess human bodies.

When a person is possessed by an Inugami, he feels pain in his chest, hands, and feet and begins to bark like a dog. People with strong or unstable emotions are thought to be particularly susceptible to being possessed.

Inugami are said to originate from the islands of Kyushu and Shikoku. They were sometimes used as objects by Japanese diviners. Since Inugami will not leave a family once they possess it, it was once customary when arranging marriages to check whether the family had an Inugami.

Demon nekomata icon.png Nekomata

Main article: Nekomata

The supernatural incarnation of a cat who has lived to an extraordinary age. The time it takes for a cat to become a Nekomata ranges from 10 years to 40 years depending on the source. The name "Nekomata" comes from the Japanese word for "cat straddling," referring to a ritual where a cat would straddle someone to lay a curse on that person

Nekomata understand and can speak human language. They are distinguished by their forked tails. They sometimes take human form, in some cases changing into women and seducing and eating men. On the other hand, they are faithful to their owners and will avenge them if their owners die tragically.

Nekomata are thought to have originated from Xian Li, fairies of Chinese folklore. Some say that Nekomata who posses vast magical power become Xian Li.

Demon orthrus icon.png Orthrus

Main article: Orthrus

A gigantic, two-headed dog, the child of the storm giant Typhon and the half-snake beast Echidna. His body is as big as an ox, and he has the fearlessness and ferocity of a lion.

Orthrus guarded the underworld alongside Cerberus, but was also said to guard the herds of the monster Geryon, who lived on the island of Erytheia at the edge of the world. However, he was killed by a blow from the club of Heracles, who came to the island as part of his Twelve Labors. He also fathered the Sphinx, the Nemean Lion, and other monsters with his mother Echidna.

Demon tanki icon.png Tan-Ki

Main article: Tan-Ki

A mythical beast said to originate in either Japan or China. It is a sacred creature born from the aura and essence of the earth.

The Tan-Ki is named in numerous legends, but there is no authoritative source describing its appearance and features. Thus, it is unclear what the Tan-Ki actually looks like.

Demon dawon icon.png Dawon

Main article: Dawon

A sacred tigress (sometimes drawn as a lioness) originated from Tibetan legend but was later adapted to Hindu mythology. In the later myth, it was offered by gods to serve goddess Durga or Parvati as mount for rewarding her victory. As Durga fought with ten weapons wielded on her arms. Dawon supported its master and attacked the foes with its claws and fangs. Also the threatening tiger represented power from the wars she had won over all enemies.

Demon cerberus icon.png Cerberus

Main article: Cerberus

The Hound of Hell in Greek mythology. Its name means "Demon of the Pit". It is known as the loyal servant of Hades, the king of the Underworld.

Cerberus was born from the union of the half-serpent Echidna and the storm giant Typhon. The two-headed beast Orthrus is his brother. Cerberus appears as a three-headed dog with with snakes all over his body and a dragon's tail. The three heads are said to represent the past, the present and the times yet to come.

Cerberus guards the gates of the Underworld, the realm of the dead, welcoming souls of the dead from the outside world, but ferociously attacking all those who attempt to leave.

It was traditional in ancient Greece to place a copper coin and a honeycake in coffins. This was so that the departed souls could pay Charon, the boatman of the river Styx, to ferry them across the river, and feed Cerberus, who favored sweets.

Demon ddscerberus icon.png Cerberus (DDS)

Main article: Cerberus (Digital Devil Saga)

This Cerberus is a different demon from its white lion counterpart. Killing a regular Cerberus does not affect the friendship of this Cerberus.

Demon gryphon icon.png Gryphon

Main article: Gryphon
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