COMP-Hack Dungeon 1-A

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Main article: Hacked Chip A Run

The Demon Buster

The Newbie Demon Buster is in Home III (Jack Frost is beside her, she is easy to spot when walking down from Virtual Battle).


Upon entering the Comp-hack you will face off against:

First Wave

Electronic Fairy Pixie Defeat all the pixie's to advance into the next room. The Pixies will drop stones (used to defeat the next wave in the next room.) (Weakness: Magic)

Second Wave

(You will be infected with a virus each floor, that will deplete your HP by "10" each few second. It goes away after a few moments in game. This virus however does stop MP regeneration.) Murmur of the Cyber Forest Kodama (They will block everything, and have different elemental weakness. And vulnerable to Almighty.)

Final Wave

Upon defeating the Kodama's and advancing you will face: Electronic Fairy High Pixie and Electronic Fairy Oberon (Please note the High Pixies will respawn unless Oberon is defeated.)

(Oberon also drops the DCM for Cu Sith)

Make sure before you leave, to click the box and recieve the data that when given to the demon buster will give you, your demon.

Upon completion exit the dungeon and once again talk to the demon buster to receive your reward.


Possible Demon Rewards for completion:


Broken IC Chip

Hacked Chip A

Hacked Chip A Run