Cathedral (Dungeon)

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Cathedral (Dungeon)
Location Cathedral (Dungeon).300.png
Exit(s) Nakano Campsite

Quest: A White Demon and a Mysterious Man and Woman must be completed, accessible by talking to Setsu after making a TEAM.


To start a Cathedral TEAM, you must be inside Nakano Campsite and selecting (カテドラル[your alignment here]) The number of people in the TEAM determines how many Ziotite charges you can hold, and thus which difficulty the boss can be.

  • 1 member: EASY mode
  • 2+ members: HARD mode
  • 5+ members: Can condense Ziotite.

The one starting a TEAM will determine it's alignment, changing the boss spawn:

All alignments have a chance of spawning both of them at the same time (dual spawn).


Ziotite Counter

  • Killing demons in Cathedral will increase this counter, the more members a TEAM has, the more ziotite charges (the "diamonds") that can be accumulated. Once the counter reaches 100%, 1 charge will be filled. Ziotite can be condensed once having 5 charges at the Black Yagiya up to 3 times.
  • There are different colored gates around which can be only entered if your TEAM is of the required alignment (blue: LAW, green: NEUTRAL, red: CHAOS).
  • There are 7 Small terminals containing Messian's Reports needed for Quest: Recovery of Messian's reports
  • NPC Nekomata will allow you to teleport back to Nakano Campsite in case you have left the TEAM accidentally and cannot proceed through gates.
  • NPCs Shiva/Vishnu give information about Cathedral.
  • The Vortexes located throughout the Lower floor require half a charge to activate, and give a buff that allows you to use a specific affinity in the boss room to the player that activates them.



  • These bosses can spawn randomly, killing them will increase the Ziotite Counter faster and drop Contract Box x5. The bosses are shuffled between these:
  • Each boss also has a very low chance of dropping a single piece of a alignment-specific jewelry set.
Michael White Rider Jikokuten
Gabriel Red Rider Koumokuten
Raphael Black Rider Zouchoten
Uriel Pale Rider Bishamonten

Rare demons

Each one has 10 HP and will only take 1 damage from all sources no matter how strong you/your demon are.

BONUS! demons

Boss Room

The boss room is entered through the Heart of the Cathedral, accessed by selecting the vortex near any staircase.

Entering the easy version of the room is free(options 1-1-2-1); entering the hard version costs two Ziotite charges.

Once inside the boss room, a player must use a single condensed Ziotite charge or one of the affinity buffs from the run must use the correct plasma to make the boss vulnerable to that affinity; Alternatively, Counter will work.

  • Activating all of the plasmas allows you to activate the Almighty plasma (not shown on the map) as well, however, the value of doing so is questionable.

Boss Room Enemies

Demon Resistances Exp Notes
Seraphim Seraph (Weak)
Seraphim Seraph (Strong)
See above ?
顕現者護る者 Throne Weaknesses: Ice, Death
Resistances: All ranged affinities, Nerve, Suicide
Nulls: Blunt (30%)
Reflects: Fire, Expel

? Easy mode version absorbs Almighty affinity
顕現者護る者 Virtue Weaknesses: Slash, Penetrate, Force, Death, Mind
Resistances: Mystic, Nerve
Nulls: Blunt (25%)
Reflects: Expel

? Easy mode version absorbs Almighty affinity
Marquis of Hell Gomory (Weak)
Marquis of Hell Gomory (Strong)
See above ?
顕現者護る者 Orobas Weaknesses: Ice, Death
Resistances: All ranged affinities, Fire, Ice, Electric, Expel, Death, Mystic, Nerve, Mind
Nulls: Force

? Easy mode version absorbs Almighty affinity
顕現者護る者 Berith Weaknesses: Ice
Resistances: All Melee affinities, all Ranged affinities, Expel
Nulls: Death
Reflects: Fire

? Easy mode version absorbs Almighty affinity


Green Chest

All items that drop on Easy difficulty can also drop on Hard mode.

Difficulty All versions Seraph Gomory
Easy • 1 Ziotite Crystal
• 1 Contract Box Ver. 2
• Turtle Bell
Flame Banner
Burning Dagger
DCM: Seraph
Summon PG: Seraph
• Octopus Whistle
• Forgotten Sorcery Book (Upper)
• Forgotten Sorcery Book (Lower)
DCM: Gomory
Summon PG: Gomory
Hard • 10 Ziotite Crystal
• 10 Contract Box Ver. 2
• Turtle Bell
Flame Banner
Burning Dagger
DCM: Seraph
Summon PG: Seraph
Memory of a Saint who was sacrificed to God
Seraph Crystal
Devil Soul: Seraph
Fan of the Saint
• Octopus Whistle
• Forgotten Sorcery Book (Upper)
• Forgotten Sorcery Book (Lower)
DCM: Gomory
Summon PG: Gomory
Memory of a Hero consumed by his dream
Gomory Crystal
Devil Soul: Gomory
Duke's Crown

Purple Chest

Using a condensed ziotite charge at the purple chest that appears after the boss fight allows all team members to receive additional Ziotite Crystals by clicking on the purple chest, the number received depends on the difficulty mode of the boss, and the number of condensed ziotite charges used.

Difficulty Mode One Two Three
Easy 1 3 8
Hard 7 18 40

Black Chest

This chest can be opened for additional Ziotite Crystals while you have the buff from the CP consumable Bloody Crown of Thorns. This item is currently available from DESTINY.

Difficulty Mode Ziotite Obtained
Easy 10
Hard 30

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