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Creating a Character

  • The first screen players see when they log in into the game is known as the character selection screen.
    • This screen also known as the "Lobby", is where players make their character(s), select character(s), and so on.
  • To create your character, just click the "Create Character" button.
    • Then select "Cerberus Server".
  • All new accounts will have a single character ticket.
    • You can purchase additional character tickets for 30 CP each. You may have up to 20 characters on one account .
  • To purchase tickets, you must have CP available, and click the "Purchase Ticket" button at the character select screen.
    • Character Tickets are not refundable, so, if you delete the character, you can't have the ticket back.


  • Each time you level up, you are given attribute points.
    • You can see your attributes by selecting "PC," then "Status/Equipment."
    • From this screen, you can select "Distribute Ability Points" to raise the attributes of your choice.
      • You can also press the "INFO" box below your mini character box (The one with a symbol, HP , MP, XP percentage and status in effect).

  • Each attribute has a different effect in the game:
    • Strength (力)
      • Increases Close-Range(近接) stat by 1 for every 2 Strength, and maximum HP.
    • Magic (魔力)
      • Increases Spell (魔法) stat by 1 for every 2 Magic, and maximum MP.
    • Vitality (体力)
      • Increases Physical Defense(物防), maximum HP, and decreases Cooldown time by 2.5% for every 10 points of Vitality.
    • Intelligence (知力)
      • Increases Support (補助) stat by 1 for every 2 Intelligence, decreases Incantation time by 2.5% for every 10 points of Intelligence, increases maximum MP, increases MP regeneration, increases Magic Defense (魔防), and increases Curative-skill effects (e.g. Healing).
    • Speed (速さ)
      • Increases Long-Range (射撃) stat by 1 for every 2 speed, and decreases Cooldown and Incantation time by 1.5% for every 10 points of Speed. It will not improve movement speed.
    • Luck (運)
      • Increases chances of landing a Critical, and increases Critical Defense.
      • Luck also affects Critical rate, which in turn can increase the rate of Limit Break when wearing Limit Break gear.
    • NOTE: Luck also can at times affect the quantity of loot dropped. (This is typically on a case by case basis)


Main article: Expertise
  • For information on Expertises, Skills, Techniques and Knowledges, please click here.


A Class is the character's build that is defined through their attributes, skills, as well as the type of combat, gear, and weapons a character uses.

  • Crafters/Synthesizers: Non-combat Classes
    • Synthesizer - Uses tarot cards, demon crystals and soul stones to make gears stronger through their special fusion methods.
    • Arms Maker & Swordsmith - Crafts weapons by using raw materials.
    • Spiritual Mixer - Combines equipment pieces into one to make stronger gear through the sum of their parts.