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Heroes have two choices.
When a hero survives in Midgard, he will become a king on earth. When a hero overcomes death, he will become an Einherjar, a warrior of Gods.

There is a glory only kings on earth can attain. But there is a glory only Einherjars can attain.
If you choose to become a king, remain in Midgard. If you choose to become an Einherjar, head to Valhalla and battle the mightiest.
If you prove to be unbeatable in Valhalla, only then you will gain the true glory.

Devil Buster, a valkyrie has handed you a key to Valhalla. What is your answer?


Located somewhere in Southwest of Souhonzan - A long time ago, one of the Seven Philosophers chose this location to build his Reincarnation Research Lab.
After his death, the abandoned lab was secretly turned into an underground Colosseum. People now call this place "Valhalla".

There are only two types of people at the Colosseum: The fighters who are eager to battle anyone for fame, and the wealthy who enjoy bidding on such underground battles. The identities of the latter are largely unknown, but it is rumored its clientele even includes some of the high ranks of Gaia and Messiah.

No ideology nor order exists in Valhalla. There is only the desire to win...


Participating players are divided evenly into 2 teams; Scarlet and Azure, and they battle each other to death at the Coliseum for fame.
Each team will hold up to 5 players, meaning up to 20 characters (including the summoned demons) could be on the floor at the same time.

The objectives is to beat your opponent until 15 point is collected. Demon Busters (Player) are worth 2 points and Demons are worth 1 points.

Because the number of team members are fewer than Fate, skills of each individual will be more important in Valhalla.
Therefore, this mode is recommended for higher-level characters only. You may move onto Valhalla only after familiarizing with the PvP basics in Fate.

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