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A command is a skill that every character has from creation, that have various functions inside and outside of battle.

These skills can be found in the "Commands" tab of the Skill/Command List.

Your Actions Sit Switch Special Command None Sit on the ground and rest.

HP and MP regeneration rate is increased.

Unlocked from start. Regeneration will be affected by gear setup and player status. Cancelled when attacked. Sitting animation depends on player's Gender and Model. Automatic Move Action Continue Movement. Unlocked from start. Player will move forward until interrupted or hits an obstacle. Ctrl+Click on the direction to move will also work. Track Move Automatically follow a target. Unlocked from start. Cancelled when user lost sight of it or user got interrupted. Right-clicking the target and press "Follow target" will also work. Ctrl+Click on the target will also work. Access Attack, Talk to, or Investigate a target. Unlocked from start. Use the current activated skill if a valid target is available. If no skill is currently activated, will use Basic Attack or Range Shot. Spacebar will also work. Ask For Help Ask another player for help. User must attack/get attacked for the command to activate
[Say] (Player name here) requests for help! Reload 2 Bullet stack of a same kind Equip the largest stack of the same type of bullets used. Will not work if you are equipped with the highest specific bullet stack at your inventory. (If equipped 50 Bullets and you have 300 Bullets L in your inventory, it will not work unless you have 100 Bullets too in your inventory) Disguise Cameo Ring (1 Durability per use) Description Cancelled when user is dead.
Icon Auto Loot Recovery Switch COMP Expansion Card Alpha must be in effect Auto Loot Recovery is (disabled/enabled) Automatically loot dead demon. Will not work when inventory is full.
Icon Auto-Cure Description Require set-up. Will not work when the item in question is used up or the condition set had not been met yet.
Icon Remote Depository Action Remotely uses an Item Depository Opens Item depository. (Expire rule apply)
Icon Remote Demon Depository Remotely use Demon Depository Opens Demon depository. (Expire rule apply)

Orders to Partner Attack Command Action Special Command None Order your partner to attack freely. Unlocked from start. Demon will use activated skills on the target. If no skills are activated, demon will use its basic attack. Shift+Click will also work. Manually use the "Attack Settings" in the respective demon stats window is suggested. Standby Command Order your partner to follow your lead. Unlocked from start. Demon will cancel any prepared skills. Shift+Esc will also work. Switch to Partner Switch to Partner control. Unlocked from start.
Pressing Tab ( --->| ) will also work. Mount Intaglio Ring durability by steps taken Mount a summoned partner.
While mounted, movement speed increases, but your Intaglio Ring's durability decreases.
Unlocked from start. Requires specific Intaglio ring that can bond with specific demon. Both must be alive and close to each other. Summoner must not get hit during the incantation phase. Auto cancel when Intaglio Ring Durability reaches 0. Care 20 hours
(Real time)
Show appreciation and affection to your summoned partner.
Your summoned partner's Friendship Level increases.
Unlocked from the start. Demon must be summoned,near the summoner and (also summoner must be) alive. If friendship level is at Open Hearts or Linked by Fate, will receive an item.
Icon Mooch 3 hours
(Real time)
Beg, cajole, and blackmail a partner into giving you an item.
Receive a gift from a summoned partner while greatly decreasing the Friendship Level with that partner.
Unlocked from the start. Cannot be used if the Friendship Level is lower than "Open Hearts". Demon must be summoned,near the summoner and (also summoner must be) alive. Will receive item at the cost of Friendship level.

Communications Trade Request Action Special Command None Request a trade with the target. Unlocked from start.
Usage invalid when the target in question is communicating with something. Party Invite Invite the target to your Party. Friend Request Request to register the target as a Friend.


Note: (P) = Player's name Greeting Action Special Command None Perform the "Greeting" Emote. System Text Unlocked from start. Gender will affect emote animation but not character's Model (findable during character creation). It can also be found at right-end side of chat bar in a small box of [E]. Gratitude Perform the "Gratitude" Emote. System Text Laugh Perform the "Laugh" Emote. System Text Cry Perform the "Cry" Emote. System Text Understanding Consent Perform the "Understanding Consent" Emote. System Text Decline Perform the "Decline" Emote. System Text Cheer Perform the "Cheer" Emote. System Text Fired Up Perform the "Fired Up" Emote. System Text Applaud Perform the "Applaud" Emote. System Text Farewell Perform the "Farewell" Emote. System Text
Icon Point a Finger Perform the "Point a Finger" Emote. System Text


Note: (P) = Player's name Rock (RPS) Action Special Command None Throw out "Rock" in a best-of-three game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. System Text Unlocked from start. Scissors (RPS) Throw out "Scissors" in a best-of-three game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. System Text Paper (RPS) Throw out "Paper" in a best-of-three game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. System Text Roll a Die Roll a 6-sided die.
Don't throw it at other players!
System Text Coin Toss Flip a coin.
Don't forget to call Heads or Tails!
System Text

Dances Twirl Action Special Command None Perform the "Twirl" Emote.
Grab everyone's attention with a graceful twirl!
Unlocked by start. Backflip Perform the "Backflip" Emote.
When life's getting you down, do a 360 and start over! Monkey Dance Perform the "Monkey Dance" Emote.
Bananas are optional. Dance Perform the "Dance" Emote. Unlocked upon joining a clan