Demon Friendship System

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Demon friendship is important to keep up for a number of positive benefits like being able to tri-fuse, having increased stats and getting a gift from your demon. If the demons friendship level is below Contracted, various stat penalties apply to the demon.

Levels of Friendship

List of levels of a demon's friendship with owner, in order from worst to best:

  • 寝首を狙う Wishes Death on (player name)
  • 隙を窺う Looking to Betray (player name)
  • 使役される Used like a Slave by (player name)
  • 契約した Contracted to (player name)
  • 仲の良い Good Friends with (player name)
  • 信頼する Trusting of (player name)
  • 心を通わせる Open Hearts with (player name)
  • 絆で結ばれた Linked by Fate with (player name)

Levels lower than "Contracted" give demon stat penalties, whereas levels higher give stat bonuses.

Increasing Friendship

Friendship can be increased in the following ways and may be triggered on a by-occurrence basis:

Note: The use of a one-time use item such as a Cup of Twilight will increase the chance of a friendship improvement, however it has no effect on the chance of a reduction in friendship occurring.

  • Use of the Care, Care 2, or Care 3 commands gives a variable boost, depending on the demon and your alignment.
Usable once every 20 hours.
Different types give different boosts and cap at different levels.
  • Successful negotiations (talk or intimidate) with members of the same species or family.
The increase to friendship is greater with negotiations of the same family, smaller within the same species.
  • Levelling up the demon.
The increase is dependant on the demon and the level attained.
  • Use of equipment with "Toast" characteristic.
Toast is a passive type of status (coming from sets like Lover's Avatar) in which, when enabled, demons will gradually increase friendship. This is the slower way of increasing friendship with your demons.

Decreasing Friendship

Friendship will decrease in the following ways and may be triggered on a by-occurrence basis:

  • Using the Mooch command gives a significant reduction.
Usable once every 3 hours.
This causes a significant reduction.
  • Killing demons of the same type (i.e. killing a harpy with a harpy summoned).
  • Your demon dying.
This is dependent on the demon.