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Demon fusion is the combining of multiple demons to form a new demon. In order to fuse demons you must speak with the "Master of the Cathedral of Shadows". Cathedral of Shadows can be found in every town, marked by a pentagram on your map. When speaking to the Master, you will see two fusion options, "Double Fusion" and "Triple Fusion". Double Fusion simply requires yourself and two demons, note that you cannot fuse two of the same demon together. Triple Fusion is a little trickier, but you can get rarer demons otherwise unobtainable through normal game play. It requires a party of three people, each one must sacrifice a single demon, and only the one who begins the fusion obtains the new demon.

After choosing the demons you wish to fuse, you will be taken to a screen that shows which demon you will get with the fusion, the skills it will inherit, the cost of the fusion, and the percent chance of success. If a fusion fails, you do not lose your demons, instead you simply lose the fusion fee. You can attempt to fuse your demons until you succeed, run out of money, or get tired of trying.

Advanced Information

Double Fusion

Demon fusion for double fusion is very simple to understand, with a bit of thinking. First off; One family plus another family will always equal another family. For instance, Fairy + Earth Element will always yield a Wilder demon. The combinations are set in stone for this, so check the double fusion table below.

To figure out which demon it is, the 'fusion range' must be used. The fusion range is calculated through levels of demons in a family. Jack Frost's is 4-21. The way that this is calculated is:

Fusion Range = (Previous Demon Level x2) to ((Demon Level x 2)-1)
  • In both parts, the level used is the current level (NOT the race's starter level);
  • Previous Demon means the previous demon in the Race. See the list of demons for each race to know.

In Jack Frost's case, this is Pixie. Pixie's level is 2. So 2x2 = 4. That's the minimum combined level of the two demons being fused in order to yield a Jack Frost. Jack Frost's level is 11, so 11x2 = 22 - 1 = 21. This makes 21 the maximum fusion range for Jack Frost. Now, if the demon is first in the family, the minimum level would be 2. If it is the last, the maximum would be 200.


So, lets say one wanted a Bicorn. This is how one would figure it out.

1.) Find a family combination that yields wilder.

2.) Find the Fusion Range of Bicorn (found on the demon's page)

3.) Find demons from the two demon families you chose whose levels get you in the fusion range or under it.

4.) Calculate the levels needed in order to yield Bicorn if their combined levels do not automatically sit inside the fusion range.

1.) Fairy + Earth Element = Wilder.

2.) 18-33

3.) Sudama (17) + Pixie (2) = Bicorn. (17 + 2 = 19. 19 is in-between 18 and 33.)

4.) Not needed.

The fusion cost is also really simple to calculate:

Fusion cost = round down((Resulting demon level)^2 / 2)
Special Double Fusion

These double fusion will ignore all rules (including level):

Triple Fusion

Triple fusion is a three-way combination of three demons to yield one demon. Three players offer one of their demons at or above Good Friends. If the fusion works the host receives the demon and the other participants usually receive compensation through macca or other means.

  • Only the host gets the result; participants receive compensation from the host.
  • Players who submit a demon at Linked by Fate status may receive their crystal afterwards.
  • As in double fusion, the level bracket of the result is the average of the input demons.
  • In some special fusion combinations (such as Loki, Odin and Thoth) the levels are ignored.
  • Like double fusion, every specific combination of input families will result in the same resulting family.
  • It is possible to perform a solo tri-fuse in Ikebukuro's Cathedral of Shadows if possessing a Raktavija's Bloodstone (demons need to be Linked By Fate, one stone is consumed whether success of failure).


By the use of a Plugin, some fusion combinations will result in a different demon.

  • The HOST requires the plugin, the other two participants do not.
  • For Plugin-based fusions the levels of the fusion fodder demons are ignored.
  • Plugins can't be disabled. The fusions that plugins apply to will override the normal fusions.

Inherited Skills

Inherited skills are skills that a fused demon obtains from its parent demons. Before fusion you will see an orange bar filled to varying degrees, this is how well your new demon will know these spells from the beginning. If a skill is not mastered from the start, learning them is very simple. Your demon simply has to experience and/or use the skill to gain more knowledge in it.

If your demon has only learned "Mediarama" to 37%, simply heal your demon to increase the level until mastered. If it has "Maragion" at 52% simply let your demon get hit by fire-based skills to raise it, or have the demon use a different fire-based skill. Note that higher level skills will raise your demon's experience faster. An example being: A Pyro Jack using "Agi" on your demon that is training "Maragion" will raise it much slower than an Oberon using "Heat Wave". These bonuses stack--if a demon both casts and is affected by a skill (e.g. media), other skills of that affinity (e.g. mediarama) will go up at double rate.

Demon Fusion Charts

Double Fusion

The family of the resulting demon is given by the families of the two fused demons. For example, a Fairy and a Yoma are fused into an Earth Element.

The level of the resulting demon is given by the mean of the levels of the two fused demons. For example, a level 22 Pyro Jack and a level 23 Dis give a level 23 or above Goddess: a level 24 Ameno-Uzume. The level of the resulting demon is always the default level for this demon.

Element demons can be created by the fusion of two demons of the same familly. For example, two Earth Element demons can be fused to create Erthys.

NB: The fusion with an Element demon is different and is described in the next section.

How to read the double fusion chart

Demons are divided into three groups according to their alignment. Each alignment is given a color. In an alignment group a demon family is given a number, the same number used in the Demonic Compendium as paragraph number. For example, Wild Bird is designated by an  8  on blue background, and Dragon is a  6  on red background.

The result of a fusion is given by the number and the background color of the cell shared by the row of the first demon and the column of the second demon. For example, the fusion of a Wild Bird ( 8  on blue) and a Dragon ( 6  on red) is given by a  2  on blue background : an Heavenly God.


  • Only part of the table is filled. When the resulting cell contains a minus sign, reverse the order of the demons. (It is possible that you get an answer that way.) If even in reversed order there are only minus signs then the answer is still unknown.
  • An empty colored cell stands for an Elemental Fusion
  • A wheat colored cell stands for a fusion between 2 demons of the same family, giving an Element demon. The cell contains the 2 first letters of the resulting Element name : Er, Ae, Aq or Fl.
  • A 'X' letter stands for an impossible fusion

Elemental Fusion

Fusions with Element demons affect the level of the non-Element demon: the demon is either leveled up or leveled down. For example, the fusion of a Pixie with an Erthys gives a Jack Frost, but a Archangel and an Erthys give a Angel. Some combinations do not change the non-Element demon, but its level will be lowered to the default.

How to read the double fusion chart

  • A plus sign stands for a level up fusion : +
  • A minus sign stands for a level down fusion : -
  • A slash stands for a null fusion : /

Special Fusions

List of all special triangle and double fusions with their respective demons with variations included.

Without Plugins

Without Plugins
Final Demon Demon 1 Variation Demon 2 Variation Demon 3 Variation
Hanuman Hayagriva No Garuda No Onkot No


With Plugins
Final Demon Demon 1 Variation Demon 2 Variation Demon 3 Variation
Asura Cerberus Cerberus Yes Orthrus Yes Chimera Yes
Asura Cerberus Orthrus Yes Chimera Yes Cerberus (Digital Devil Saga) Yes
Asura Cerberus Void Yes Orthrus Yes Chimera Yes
Gryphon Anzu Yes Throne Yes - -
Hero of Akaeda Cu Chulainn Setanta No Garm No Cu Chulainn of Vermillion No
Frost Ace Jack Frost Yes Tam Lin Yes - -
Noble Demon King Kurama-Tengu Kurama-Tengu Yes Yoshitsune Yes Shiki-Ouji Yes
Kresnik Cu Chulainn Yes Unicorn Yes - -
Yamata-no-Orochi Quetzalcoatl No Nidhoggr No Raja Naga No
Yurlungur Mizuchi No Quetzalcoatl No - -
Matador Girimehkala Yes Alice Yes Loa Yes
Brave Red Capote Matador Matador Yes Guedhe Yes Cu Chulainn Yes
Alice Kodama Yes Lilim Yes Pixie Yes
The innocent who became an insane girl Alice Alice Yes Acheri Yes Black Frost Yes
David Turdak Yes Chatterskull Yes Matador Yes
Hell Biker Hell Biker Yes Jinn Yes Bicorn Yes
Blasted Road Hell Biker Girimehkala Yes Alice Yes Matador Yes
White Rider Virtue No Matador No Zouchouten No
Daisoujou Accomplished Mou-Ryou No Matador No Yata-Garasu No
Red Rider Power No White Rider No Koumokuten No
Black Rider Legion No Red Rider No Jikokuten No
Pale Rider Loa No Black Rider No Bishamonten No
Jeanne D'Arc Loa No Black Rider No Bishamonten No
Tokisada Hell Biker No Matador No Mot No
Yoshitsune Tokisada No Daisoujou No - -
Gojo Bridge Yoshitsune Shana Yoshitsune No Koppa-Tengu No - -
Yoshitsune of Assault Gojo Bridge Yoshitsune No Karasu-Tengu No - -
Hassou Tobi Yoshitsune Yoshitsune of Assault No Kurama-Tengu No - -
Masakado Daisoujou No Seven stars of death Beiji Weng No - -
Masakado Amaterasu of Kuyo No Bishamonten of Kuyo No - -
Trumpeter Black Rider No Red Rider No White Rider No
Mother Harlot Trumpeter No Pale Rider No Hell Biker No
Sphinx Hathor No Chimera No - -
Xuan Wu Deformed Tan-Ki No Nozuchi No Accomplished Mizuchi No
Anubis Narasimha Yes Thoth Yes - -
Barong Shiisa Yes Tan-Ki Yes Mithra Yes
Chimera Hanuman Yes Qing-Long Yes - -
Chimera Suparna Yes Dominion Yes - -
Bai Hu Senri Yes Typhon Yes Scathach Yes
Lilim the Little Demon Lilim Yes Alp Yes - -
Black Frost Jack Frost Yes Pyro Jack Yes Baphomet Yes
Lilith Vetala Yes Succubus Yes Lilim Yes
Nyx Norn Yes Succubus Yes Hecate Yes
Persephone Artemis Yes Hel Yes - -
Guedhe Loa No Baphomet No - -
Mot Odin Yes Chernobog Yes Hel Yes
Beiji Weng Mot Yes Chernobog Yes Hel Yes
Seven Stars of Death Beiji Weng Beiji Weng Yes Qing-Long Yes - -
Zhu Que Phoenix Yes Kirin Yes Badb Catha Yes
Godly Golden Winged Bird Garuda Garuda Yes Zhu Que Yes - -
Indra Zouchouten Yes Ganesha Yes - -
Atavaka Hanuman Yes Yaksa Yes - -
Thor Odin Yes Loki Yes Dwarf Yes
Horus Mithra Yes Hathor Yes - -
Baal Anat Yes Mot Yes - -
Vishnu Atavaka No Garuda No - -
Ose Hallel Ose Yes Throne Yes - -
Flauros Hallel Flauros Yes Throne Yes - -
Luvah Sudama Yes Aeros Yes - -
Urthona Sudama Yes Erthys Yes - -
Urizen Sudama Yes Flamies Yes - -
Tharmas Sudama Yes Aquans Yes - -
Albion Knocker Yes Ubelluris Yes Titan Yes
Alilat Parvati Yes Artemis Yes Hecate Yes
Black Maria Anat Yes Jeanne D'Arc Yes - -
Girimehkala Ganesha Yes Vetala Yes Taraka Yes
Hecatonchires Ubelluris Yes Ogre Yes Cyclops Yes
Norn Atropos No Lachesis No Clotho No
Pallas Athena Throne Yes Sati Yes Valkyrie Yes
Anat Pallas Athena Yes Hel Yes Kali Yes
Tsukuyomi Inexperienced Yata-Garasu No Hecate No Nyx No
Amaterasu (M) Inexperienced Yata-Garasu No Mithra No Cu Chulainn No
Amaterasu (F) Inexperienced Yata-Garasu No Mithra No Hathor No
Anzu Basilisk No Cerberus No - -
Gurr Garuda No Rakshasa No - -
Uriel Dominion Yes Virtue Yes Power Yes
Raphael Uriel Yes Throne Yes Throne Yes
Gabriel Raphael No Throne No Odin No
Michael Gabriel No Virtue No Samael No
Seraph Uriel Yes Raphael Yes Gabriel Yes
Metatron Raphael Yes Throne Yes Loki Yes
Agent of God Metatron Metatron Yes Mithra Yes Gabriel Yes
Mishaguji-Sama Take-Minakata Yes Sarutahiko Yes - -
Mada Nyarlathotep Yes Dionysus Yes - -
Samael Pazuzu No Uriel No Queen Mab No
Seth Gabriel Yes Chimera Yes Isis Yes
Efreet Pyro Jack No Jinn No - -
Purski Ganesha No Raja Naga No - -
Unmatched Steel Kin-Ki Kinki Yes Xuan Wu Yes - -
Ongyo-Ki Kinki Yes Suiki Yes Fuki Yes
Ares Artemis Yes Typhon Yes - -
Indrajit Zouchouten Yes Rakshasa Yes Kartikeya Yes
Kartikeya Parvati No Zouchouten No - -
Wu Kong Hanuman Yes Garuda Yes Onkot Yes
Shiva Inexperienced Kartikeya No Parvati No Ganesha No
Qing-Long Jikokuten Yes Quetzalcoatl Yes Gandharva Yes
Ananta Koumokuten No Raja Naga No Qing-Long No
Huntress Skadi Skadi Yes Loki Yes Odin Yes
Diana Artemis Yes Hecate Yes - -
Ishtar Artemis Yes Kali Yes Lilith Yes
Kingu Ghoul No Raja Naga No - -
Fafnir Titan Yes Dwarf Yes Vouivre Yes
Vasuki Raja Naga No Garuda No - -
Flauros Queen Mab No Uriel No - -
Flauros Queen Mab No Scathach No - -
Gomory Flauros No Hecate No [- -
Abraxas Mithra No Basilisk No - -
Arioch Throne No Abraxas No - -
Azazel Gomory No Abraxas No Azazel No
Clotho Lamia No Aello No - -
Lachesis Lamia No Ocypete No - -
Atropos Lamia No Celaeno No - -
Rangda Parvati Yes Kali Yes Yaksni Yes
Phantom Surt Yes Specter Yes Quetzalcoatl Yes
Bishamonten Jikokuten Yes Koumokuten Yes Yaksini Yes
Bishamonten Jikokuten Yes Koumokuten Yes Rakshasa Yes
Kumbhanda Rakshasa No Gandharva No - -
Kudlak Loa Yes Bicorn Yes - -
Trickster Loki Loki Yes Hel Yes Fenrir Yes
Tzitzimitl Coatlicue No Quetzalcoatl No Kali No
Surt Jikokuten Yes Fenrir Yes Shiki-Ouji Yes
Chi You Atavaka Yes Tao Tie Yes Tao Wu Yes
Astaroth Kali Yes Artemis Yes Throne Yes
Beelzebub (Human) Astaroth No Moloch No Ghoul No
Lucifuge Gomory Yes Moloch Yes - -
Alciel Michael Yes Moloch Yes - -
Mara Girimehkala Yes Moloch Yes Mara (Amorphous) Yes
Beelzebub (Fly) Astaroth No Moloch No Baphomet No
Mara (Amorphous) Girimehkala Yes Surt Yes Hecate Yes