Demon Rebirth Conversion

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Demon Rebirth Conversion is a system that allows you to extract and transfer rebirth ranks including mitama rebirth ranks from one demon to another. Extracting rebirth ranks will require a Rebirth Syringe (available through CP promotions etc).


Extraction of rebirth ranks will give you a certain amount of Conversion Points, depending on the amount of rebirth ranks your demon has. The conversion process can be performed in the Cathedral of Shadows by speaking to the Master of the Cathedral of Shadows and clicking Rebirth Conversion (リユニオン変換について). Conversion Points are shared throughout all of your characters in the same server (they are not shared if one character is in Pixie while another is in Cerberus!).

Each rebirth rank yields a certain amount of Conversion Points, they are as following:

0 0 0
1 0 0
2 1 1
3 4 5
4 10 15
5 20 35
6 40 75
7 105 180
8 320 500
  • Each rank 8 is 500 points, so a full rank 8 is 6,000 points.
  • You can hold a maximum of 100,000 points.
  • The demon will also lose any and all mitamas that have been placed onto the demon through mitama strengthening.
  • Extracting from variant demons will cause them to turn into normal variant.

The amount of points you receive are separate; you will receive pre-mitama conversion points as well as post-mitama conversion points depending on the current amount of rebirths you have for both pre-mitama and post-mitama. Refer to this chart and the chart above to determine how many pre-mitama and post-mitama points you will be receiving.

Pre-mitama Dependent on the amount of rebirth ranks pre-mitama None
Post-mitama Same amount of points as post-mitama points (*) Dependent on the amount of rebirth ranks post-mitama
  • The pre-mitama points will be the same as post-mitama points ONLY if the post-mitama points exceed 180!
  • If the post-mitama points are less than 180, you will only receive 180 pre-mitama points.


On the actual application screen of the points, many options are available. リユニオン設定 represents the amount of rebirths pre-mitama, while 御魂リユニオン設定 represents the amount of post-mitama rebirths. You can click on the boxes for each rebirth path to fill up and increase their ranks. Do note that the amount of points you have available to use is displayed at the bottom.

  • You also choose what rebirth path the demon will end on from the left drop-down box (成長タイプ) as well as what mitama it will be fused with (御魂タイプ, refer to Mitama Fusion to decide which mitama would be best for your demon).
  • Make sure your demon isn't locked, otherwise you cannot proceed any further after filling up all the boxes and choosing the ending path + mitama!


Trumpeter with full rank 8 pre-mitama, full rank 8 post-mitama:

6,000 6,000

Azazel with full rank 4 pre-mitama, full rank 8 post-mitama:

6,000 6,000

Samael with full rank 6 pre-mitama, one rank 6 post-mitama:

180 75

White Rider with full rank 8 pre-mitama, two rank 8 post-mitama:

1,000 1,000

Other Information

  • An extremely convenient and cost-efficient way to get full rank 8 post-mitama with 24 mitama slots available, as it removes the need to pay for the more expensive pre-mitama expenses.
  • Since all Demon Force slots become available upon mitama fusion, a demon that gets drained but was originally mitama'd will retain all 8 force slots despite being pre-mitama, even if the demon doesn't normally have 8 slots pre-mitama.
  • Drained demons lose rebirth ranks but retain everything else including current skills, learned skills, inherited skills, soul points and demon force.
  • All demons will keep their current level.