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Your demonic compendium provides details of all demons you have collected information about. To add new information to your compendium, you must use a Demonic Compendium Memory on a summoned demon.

The following is a list of all known demons within the game.

For an unparsed table, see Demonic Compendium (Full).

For the complete list of every single demon in the game, see Demonic Compendium (Global).

Click on the demon's name to view that demon's stats.

Demonic Compendium
By Alignment Law SeraphimEntityDemon GodVileAvianGoddessHeavenly GodRaptorDivineEvil DemonWild BirdYomaEarth ElementMachine
Neutral ReaperHoly BeastBeastFairyElementalFiendDemigodWilderDragon KingNocturneGodly BeastSacred Soul
Chaos FoulBruteHauntDragonFallen AngelFemmeNation RulerEarth MotherEvil DragonGuardianDestroyerTyrantGaian
By Species Gods Demon GodGoddessEntity
Heavenly Angels SeraphimDivineFallen Angel
Deities VileHeavenly GodReaperNation RulerEarth MotherGuardianDestroyer
Demons Evil DemonEarth ElementBruteFemme
Dragons Dragon KingDragonEvil Dragon
Magica YomaFairyDemigodNocturneTyrant
Birds AvianRaptorWild Bird
Beasts Holy BeastBeastWilderGodly Beast
Evil Spirits Haunt
Heretics Foul
Primes ElementalSacred Soul
Humans FiendGaian
Machines Machine

Neutral Demons


Lv. Icon Name
7 Demon Icon Cait Sith.png Cait Sith
13 Demon Icon Cu Sith.png Cu Sith
18 Demon Icon Inugami.png Inugami
26 Demon Icon Nekomata.png Nekomata
31 Demon Icon Orthrus.png Orthrus
37 Demon Icon Tan-Ki.png Tan-Ki
42 Demon Icon Dawon.png Dawon
49 Demon Icon Cerberus.png Cerberus
74 Demon Icon Gryphon.png Gryphon


Lv. Icon Name
28 Demon Icon Setanta.png Setanta
36 Demon Icon Valkyrie.png Valkyrie
44 Demon Icon Cu Chulainn.png Cu Chulainn
46 Demon Icon Frost Ace.png Frost Ace
48 Demon Icon Kurama-Tengu.png Kurama-Tengu
57 Demon Icon Hayagriva.png Hayagriva
67 Demon Icon Kresnik.png Kresnik
71 Demon Icon Hanuman.png Hanuman

Dragon King

Lv. Icon Name
14 Demon Icon Nozuchi.png Nozuchi
24 Demon Icon Naga.png Naga
31 Demon Icon Mizuchi.png Mizuchi
40 Demon Icon Raja Naga.png Raja Naga
48 Demon Icon Vouivre.png Vouivre
56 Demon Icon Vritra.png Vritra
75 Demon Icon Yamata-no-Orochi.png Yamata-no-Orochi
81 Demon Icon Yurlungur.png Yurlungur


Lv. Icon Name
7 Demon Icon Erthys.png Erthys
11 Demon Icon Aeros.png Aeros
15 Demon Icon Aquans.png Aquans
20 Demon Icon Flamies.png Flamies


Lv. Icon Name
2 Demon Icon Pixie.png Pixie
11 Demon Icon Jack Frost.png Jack Frost
15 Demon Icon High Pixie.png High Pixie
20 Demon Icon Pyro Jack.png Pyro Jack
23 Demon Icon Gandharva.png Gandharva
25 Demon Icon Kelpie.png Kelpie
31 Demon Icon Elf.png Elf
38 Demon Icon Troll.png Troll
42 Demon Icon Tam Lin.png Tam Lin
47 Demon Icon Vivian.png Vivian
52 Demon Icon Oberon.png Oberon
57 Demon Icon Titania.png Titania


Lv. Icon Name
30 Demon Icon Matador.png Matador
35 Demon Icon Alice.png Alice
37 Demon Icon David.png David
46 Demon Icon Hell Biker.png Hell Biker
52 Demon Icon White Rider.png White Rider
55 Demon Icon Daisoujou.png Daisoujou
58 Demon Icon Red Rider.png Red Rider
65 Demon Icon Black Rider.png Black Rider
74 Demon Icon Pale Rider.png Pale Rider
75 Demon Icon Jeanne D'Arc.png Jeanne D'Arc
83 Demon Icon Tokisada.png Tokisada
87 Demon Icon Yoshitsune.png Yoshitsune
90 Demon Icon Masakado.png Masakado
91 Demon Icon Trumpeter.png Trumpeter
93 Demon Icon Mother Harlot.png Mother Harlot

Godly Beast

Lv. Icon Name
22 Demon Icon Makami.png Makami
31 Demon Icon Kaichi.png Kaichi
44 Demon Icon Nandi.png Nandi
61 Demon Icon Narasimha.png Narasimha
66 Demon Icon Sphinx.png Sphinx
71 Demon Icon Xuan Wu.png Xuan Wu
74 Demon Icon Anubis.png Anubis
85 Demon Icon Barong.png Barong

Holy Beast

Lv. Icon Name
13 Demon Icon Shiisa.png Shiisa
21 Demon Icon Unicorn.png Unicorn
24 Demon Icon Apis.png Apis
27 Demon Icon Bai Ze.png Bai Ze
31 Demon Icon Pa Bil Sag.png Pa Bil Sag
36 Demon Icon Senri.png Senri
41 Demon Icon Kirin.png Kirin
55 Demon Icon Chimera.png Chimera
62 Demon Icon Sleipnir.png Sleipnir
69 Demon Icon Bai Hu.png Bai Hu


Lv. Icon Name
8 Demon Icon Alp.png Alp
14 Demon Icon Empusa.png Empusa
20 Demon Icon Lilim.png Lilim
27 Demon Icon Fomorian.png Fomorian
31 Demon Icon Incubus.png Incubus
37 Demon Icon Succubus.png Succubus
42 Demon Icon Black Frost.png Black Frost
47 Demon Icon Kaiwan.png Kaiwan
52 Demon Icon Loa.png Loa
57 Demon Icon Queen Mab.png Queen Mab
72 Demon Icon Nyx.png Nyx
92 Demon Icon Lilith.png Lilith


Lv. Icon Name
46 Demon Icon Hel.png Hel
55 Demon Icon Persephone.png Persephone
62 Demon Icon Chernobog.png Chernobog
69 Demon Icon Guede.png Guede
85 Demon Icon Mot.png Mot
93 Demon Icon Beiji Weng.png Beiji Weng


Lv. Icon Name
9 Demon Icon Garm.png Garm
17 Demon Icon Bicorn.png Bicorn
25 Demon Icon Gyuki.png Gyuki
31 Demon Icon Raiju.png Raiju
37 Demon Icon Nue.png Nue
40 Demon Icon Mothman.png Mothman
50 Demon Icon Catoblepas.png Catoblepas
57 Demon Icon Fenrir.png Fenrir
64 Demon Icon Tao Wu.png Tao Wu

Sacred Soul

Lv. Icon Name
15 Demon Icon Aramitama.png Aramitama
19 Demon Icon Nigimitama.png Nigimitama
22 Demon Icon Kushimitama.png Kushimitama
25 Demon Icon Sakimitama.png Sakimitama

Law Demons


Lv. Icon Name
20 Demon Icon Feng Huang.png Feng Huang
28 Demon Icon Jatayu.png Jatayu
36 Demon Icon Phoenix.png Phoenix
42 Demon Icon Suparna.png Suparna
49 Demon Icon Zhu Que.png Zhu Que
52 Demon Icon Yata-Garasu.png Yata-Garasu
65 Demon Icon Garuda.png Garuda

Demon God

Lv. Icon Name
42 Demon Icon Thoth.png Thoth
67 Demon Icon Indra.png Indra
70 Demon Icon Odin.png Odin
72 Demon Icon Atavaka.png Atavaka
74 Demon Icon Mithra.png Mithra
76 Demon Icon Thor.png Thor
80 Demon Icon Horus.png Horus
85 Demon Icon Baal.png Baal
97 Demon Icon Vishnu.png Vishnu


Lv. Icon Name
11 Demon Icon Angel.png Angel
17 Demon Icon Archangel.png Archangel
25 Demon Icon Principality.png Principality
36 Demon Icon Power.png Power
51 Demon Icon Virtue.png Virtue
64 Demon Icon Dominion.png Dominion
71 Demon Icon Throne.png Throne
73 Demon Icon Ose Hallel.png Ose Hallel
75 Demon Icon Flauros Hallel.png Flauros Hallel

Earth Element

Lv. Icon Name
3 Demon Icon Kodama.png Kodama
5 Demon Icon Hua Po.png Hua Po
11 Demon Icon Knocker.png Knocker
17 Demon Icon Sudama.png Sudama
24 Demon Icon Bucca-Boo.png Bucca-Boo
30 Demon Icon Dwarf.png Dwarf
35 Demon Icon Koropokkuru.png Koropokkuru
35 Demon Icon Sarutahiko.png Sarutahiko
41 Demon Icon Ubelluris.png Ubelluris
62 Demon Icon Titan.png Titan
64 Demon Icon Gogmagog.png Gogmagog


Lv. Icon Name
32 Demon Icon Luvah.png Luvah
34 Demon Icon Urthona.png Urthona
36 Demon Icon Urizen.png Urizen
38 Demon Icon Tharmas.png Tharmas
65 Demon Icon Albion.png Albion
75 Demon Icon Alilat.png Alilat
89 Demon Icon Black Maria.png Black Maria

Evil Demon

Lv. Icon Name
25 Demon Icon Ogre.png Ogre
41 Demon Icon Rakshasa.png Rakshasa
41 Demon Icon Edimmu.png Edimmu
46 Demon Icon Cyclops.png Cyclops
70 Demon Icon Girimehkala.png Girimehkala
82 Demon Icon Hecatonchires.png Hecatonchires


Lv. Icon Name
18 Demon Icon Hathor.png Hathor
24 Demon Icon Ameno-Uzume.png Ameno-Uzume
30 Demon Icon Sarasvati.png Sarasvati
38 Demon Icon Freya.png Freya
46 Demon Icon Fortuna.png Fortuna
55 Demon Icon Sati.png Sati
68 Demon Icon Scathach.png Scathach
72 Demon Icon Norn.png Norn
76 Demon Icon Pallas Athena.png Pallas Athena
81 Demon Icon Lakshmi.png Lakshmi
84 Demon Icon Anat.png Anat

Heavenly God

Lv. Icon Name
31 Demon Icon Omoikane.png Omoikane
34 Demon Icon Tajikarao.png Tajikarao
65 Demon Icon Hino-Kagutsuchi.png Hino-Kagutsuchi
71 Demon Icon Take-Mikazuchi.png Take-Mikazuchi
80 Demon Icon Tsukuyomi.png Tsukuyomi
84 Demon Icon Amaterasu (M).png Amaterasu (M)
94 Demon Icon Amaterasu (F).png Amaterasu (F)


Lv. Icon Name
1 Demon Icon Onmoraki.png Onmoraki
28 Demon Icon Moh Shuvuu.png Moh Shuvuu
41 Demon Icon Zhen.png Zhen
45 Demon Icon Furiae.png Furiae
69 Demon Icon Camazotz.png Camazotz
70 Demon Icon Anzu.png Anzu
78 Demon Icon Hresvelgr.png Hresvelgr
83 Demon Icon Gurr.png Gurr


Lv. Icon Name
80 Demon Icon Uriel.png Uriel
93 Demon Icon Raphael.png Raphael
94 Demon Icon Gabriel.png Gabriel
96 Demon Icon Michael.png Michael
96 Demon Icon Seraph.png Seraph
97 Demon Icon Metatron.png Metatron


Lv. Icon Name
30 Demon Icon Baphomet.png Baphomet
65 Demon Icon Tao Tie.png Tao Tie
67 Demon Icon Mishaguji-Sama.png Mishaguji-Sama
82 Demon Icon Pazuzu.png Pazuzu
83 Demon Icon Mada.png Mada
86 Demon Icon Nyarlathotep.png Nyarlathotep
89 Demon Icon Samael.png Samael
96 Demon Icon Seth.png Seth

Wild Bird

Lv. Icon Name
7 Demon Icon Harpy.png Harpy
12 Demon Icon Macha.png Macha
25 Demon Icon Ocypete.png Ocypete
30 Demon Icon Celaeno.png Celaeno
36 Demon Icon Aello.png Aello
54 Demon Icon Badb Catha.png Badb Catha
62 Demon Icon Morrigan.png Morrigan


Lv. Icon Name
8 Demon Icon Apsaras.png Apsaras
14 Demon Icon Isora.png Isora
23 Demon Icon Dis.png Dis
28 Demon Icon Kinnari.png Kinnari
37 Demon Icon Onkot.png Onkot
42 Demon Icon Efreet.png Efreet
44 Demon Icon Jinn.png Jinn
56 Demon Icon Purski.png Purski
58 Demon Icon Ganesha.png Ganesha

Chaos Demons


Lv. Icon Name
5 Demon_Icon_Shikigami.png Shikigami
10 Demon_Icon_Azumi.png Azumi
15 Demon_Icon_Koppa-Tengu.png Koppa-Tengu
19 Demon_Icon_Momunofu.png Momunofu
23 Demon_Icon_Turdak.png Turdak
25 Demon_Icon_Oni.png Oni
28 Demon_Icon_Karasu-Tengu.png Karasu-Tengu
44 Demon_Icon_Yomotsu-Ikusa.png Yomotsu-Ikusa
51 Demon_Icon_Yaksa.png Yaksa
63 Demon_Icon_Shiki-Ouji.png Shiki-Ouji
66 Demon_Icon_Kinki.png Kinki
69 Demon_Icon_Suiki.png Suiki
72 Demon_Icon_Fuki.png Fuki
91 Demon_Icon_Ongyo-Ki.png Ongyo-Ki


Lv. Icon Name
56 Demon_Icon_Ares.png Ares
58 Demon_Icon_Dionysus.png Dionysus
67 Demon_Icon_Indrajit.png Indrajit
83 Demon_Icon_Kartikeya.png Kartikeya
88 7be03vt.png Susano-o
93 Demon_Icon_Wu_Kong.png Wu Kong
97 Demon_Icon_Shiva.png Shiva


Lv. Icon Name
33 Demon_Icon_Coatlicue.png Coatlicue
39 Demon_Icon_Ganga.png Ganga
55 Demon_Icon_Quetzalcoatl.png Quetzalcoatl
77 Demon_Icon_Qing-Long.png Qing-Long
93 Ananta icon.png Ananta

Earth Mother

Lv. Icon Name
18 FJFZhem.png Kikuri-Hime
26 a9ytecv.png Kushinada-Hime
30 ATwZsdC.png Artemis
64 K2IrwT4.png Parvati
68 xDnl8Ym.png Kali
74 ze2MEX0.png Skadi
82 ZFv4daw.png Diana
94 TXdAckf.png Isis
96 Ishtarrr.png Ishtar

Evil Dragon

Lv. Icon Name
8 buxzKdR.png Cockatrice
17 8QONVMA.png Tarasque
23 YxAvwXQ.png Bai Suzhen
43 KiFJQl0.png Basilisk
51 oqCl2Li.png Typhon
57 1Bz8oon.png Nidhoggr
64 R3eo1aO.png Kingu
72 1dqmEgP.png Fafnir
81 9dXqNTk.png Vasuki

Fallen Angel

Lv. Icon Name
15 Q7u688c.png Andras
29 i8HL6CV.png Forneus
43 YG0N1xA.png Eligor
50 N2lWzp4.png Decarabia
58 YdeShoy.png Berith
65 Ifd4z6G.png Orobas
73 jI09g3K.png Ose
75 PGkq5M1.png Flauros
79 dlV09B6.png Gomory
82 OXFZxnG.png Abraxas
85 Arioch
92 qFQRP06.png Azazel


Lv. Icon Name
9 PChMHGB.png Datsue-Ba
15 Acheri icon.png Acheri
25 XIlBMQ0.png Taraka
32 tJY4fTs.png Gorgon
35 aVxkKEc.png Yomotsu-Shikome
41 Leanan Sidhe icon.png Leanan Sidhe
44 Yuki Jyurou icon.png Yuki Jyorou
47 CD2g12J.png Lamia
48 Vj00vb5.png Clotho
50 Arachne icon.png Arachne
51 FEJcNdT.png Lachesis
53 wf4qJFL.png Yaksni
56 pp5EEC7.png Atropos
65 4eVrG0f.png Dakini
85 Wx41uMv.png Rangda


Lv. Icon Name
1 v2koSpS.png Will O'Wisp
6 Z795P1p.png Slime
11 DJ6CyEI.png Mou-Ryou
16 NEYIMGG.png Blob
31 TM6FamO.png Black Ooze
36 L1UYhgZ.png Specter
52 AVigPxJ.png Shadow
93 3G12DSD.png Phantom


Lv. Icon Name
38 TsFUeH3.png Zouchouten
45 sFwEY6x.png Koumokuten
52 Y8qsvzn.png Jikokuten
72 yU80Lu4.png Bishamonten


Lv. Icon Name
4 KVG2HBG.png Poltergeist
7 oqui3m1.png Gaki
11 ZU6gJWl.png Ghoul
17 8EGVGnQ.png Choronzon
24 d3McS5q.png Yakkha
33 lkBKojA.png Chatterskull
36 M2Fr5HE.png Pisaca
38 w7SyiF8.png Legion
44 hfGC6kN.png Vetala
51 6tE8Sqy.png Utai-Gaikotsu
63 7UrTqrI.png Kumbhanda
67 Kudlak icon.png Kudlak

Nation Ruler

Lv. Icon Name
42 a6YVZoE.png Onamuchi
50 Av4dYPA.png Oyamatsumi
59 qnd3q01.png Okuninushi
63 NzOwHrh.png Take-Minakata
83 zMaiPVc.png Arahabaki


Lv. Icon Name
40 9YQ7b1l.png King Frost
59 6oXdajk.png Hecate
64 yFU36Ba.png Moloch
69 SwyIDny.png Loki
70 vhtsrFF.png Tzitzimitl
72 hxVkFLI.png Surt
82 3PJ6xkq.png Chi You
85 g8lvl9h.png Astaroth
85 dhWML5Z.png Beelzebub (Human)
90 R4kpKd7.png Lucifuge
92 Demon_Icon_Alciel.png Alciel
95 8dR79o4.png Mara (Amorphous)
95 Mara.jpg Mara
95 ZuwlzdA.png Beelzebub (Fly)

Boss Demons








Shinjuku Babel

Shinjuku Docks

Summon Orb



Abyss Tower

Nakano Campsite

Hacked Chip

Zoushigaya Cemetery

Home II (Dungeon)


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