Diaspora Shinagawa

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Minimum Requirement

  • Level 75+ (All players)
  • Completed Act 16: Spiral Waltz and earned the B-Class DB License. (All players)
  • Must have the Indulgence of Diligence. Valuable used upon entering. (All players)
  • Have at least 2 members to join the run. Maximum is 30.
    • Please use the Versus Team located in Communication section to recruit more than 1 full party with condition of Diaspora (Shinagawa).
    • 6 full party = 30 members = 1 full Versus Team. Use "Team" chat to talk to everyone in the Team which is vital for survival.
  • Must wait 20 hours (Real time) before joining another Diaspora

Loading Screen Art (JPN)


  • Shinigawa
  • Gomory (x21 y20)
    • 30,000 Magnetites for the Indulgence of Chastity.
    • Entrance to Diaspora.
    • Trade (skills, expertise, comp expasion, etc.)
  • DB Hitomi (x20 y20)
    • 3,000 Magnetites for the Indulgence of Diligence and good status buff for 1-2 hours which has 20 hour cooldown.
    • Re-entering Diaspora for 1 Masakadus.
    • Trade for golden gear.


  • Once you are in Diaspora you are randomly spawned within one of the yellow circles surrounded by a barrier.
    • Once the barrier are down you have 40 minutes to finish off the main boss, Metatron Avatar.
    • The main boss will spawn within the light yellow star once the conditions are met.
  • To meet the conditions work with the team and start killing demons around the map, these demons will drop Key Fragments as follows:
Item Location Affiliated Tower
Grey Fragment Thor A
Black Fragment Odin B
Blue Fragment (x20, y20) or (x22, y21-22) or (x22, y25-26) C
Red Fragment (x18, y20-21) or (x20, y25-26) D
Yellow Fragment (x21, y23) or (x18-19, y16-17) E
Green Fragment (x19-20, y20) or (x23, y17) F
Orange Fragment [(x23, y16-17) By Tower B] or (x23, y19) G
Purple Fragment (x19-20, y16) or [(x22, y17) outside path leading to B] H
Four Colors Fragment Around Tower C or (x21, y18-19) I
White Fragment (x20, y17) or (x21, y20) or (x21, y25) All towers

  • Once you have all colored keys mixed with White Key Fragments (not including Black and Grey) and are made, work together with your team to suppress towers together in order to reach the next step.
    • NOTE: Unlike Suginami Diaspora there is no timer after suppression so suppress as soon as feasibly possible.

  • To spawn Odin Vision suppress towers: C, E, and D.
    • Defeat Odin to acquire a Black Key Fragment.
    • Mix with a White Key Fragment to suppress B.

  • To spawn Thor Vision suppress towers: F, G, and I.
    • Defeat Thor to acquire a Grey Key Fragment.
    • Mix with a White Key Fragment to suppress A.

  • To extend time duration of the run certain pillars/towers can be suppressed together prior to Metatron Avatar spawning.
    • Currently in ReImagine time extensions are bugged!
    • Do not suppress these towers together:
Towers B , D , G
Towers A , C , E
Towers E , H , I
Or you will lose all three keys and will need to respawn Odin or Thor to get another set.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Both Odin and Thor can ONLY be harmed by demons.
  • To spawn the main boss, Metatron Avatar (at the yellow star) suppress both A and B together.
    • After these towers are suppressed you will be given an cutscene (cannot skip).
    • NOTE: Metatron is known to attack and kill players who stand near his spawn point (center of glowing circle on the floor) so be careful!

  • To defeat the main boss Metatron Avatar his barrier must be taken down temporarily, to do this defeat at least one group of demons listed below:
Odin Vision - Located @ Pillar E
Thor Vision - Located @ Pillar I
Throne Amina - Located @ Pillar B
Dominion Amina - Located @ Yagiya near Pillar D/G (X:22, Y:20)
Virtue Amina - Located @ Pillar F

  • NOTE If these demons re-spawn (typically after lightning strikes), the barrier will be back up.
    • WARNING: Once you begin attacking Metatron Avatar will begin to cast down lightning bolts. If you are unable to kill him on time, lightning will strike all players on the map.
    • You will know it is lightning when the screen begins to turn dark.
    • Additionally he will spawn Powers and Dominions that can also be aggressive around him.
      • Disclaimer: Basic Guard does NOT always prevent lighting hits.

  • For this specific run, after Metatron Avatar has spawned if he de-suppresses towers (typically after lightning strikes) some skills can become blocked or unusable.
    • The only way to unblock, is to either kill Metatron or re-suppress these towers.
    • Towers relation to skill types are as follows:
Tower Skill Type Key Color
A Attack Grey Key
B Dodge Black Key
C Rapid Blue Key
D Spin Red Key
E Guard Yellow Key
F Rush Green Key
G Counter Orange Key
H Shot Purple Key
I Item Usage Four Colors Key




Notable difference between normal and Diaspora run

  • Special conditions is issued.
    • In Shinagawa,
      • Minions will attack on sight.
      • You can extend the time by doing a proper tower suppression combo at the right time.
      • Lighting strike may cause some tower to be unsuppressed with your action skill locked from usage. To unlock it, re-suppress the unsuppressed tower again.
      • Players: No bad aliment status. Stats take a penalty.
      • Demons: Cost 0 Magnetite to summon. All close-range, long-range, and spell damage increases. Healing skills effect increases.



Gomory Exchange

  • He who serves the Throne Metatron Plugin (500)
  • Skills, Players only.
Skill Icon Boogie Woogie.png Boogie Woogie Active Weapon-
Shot 3 MP,
1 Bullet
The bullet rips through in a flash. Inflicts weapon-based damage to the facing enemies. 100 None
Skill Icon Clench.png Clench Passive Special Curative - Passive skill that enable you to withstand devastating damage with 50% chance. 100 None
Skill Icon Kin's Sake.png Kin's Sake Passive Special Curative - Passive skill that increases the chance to succeeded in negotiation when a demon from same family is summoned. 100 None
Skill Icon Curse Grudge.png Curse Grudge Active Death Rush 3% HP, 15 MP ? 300 None
Skill Icon Infinite Light.png Infinite Light Active Almighty Shot 80 MP, 800 Mags ? 500 None
Skill Icon Magic Blast.png Magic Blast Active Magic Shot 5% MP ? 100 None
Skill Icon Corona Cannon.png Corona Cannon Active Fire Shot MP 15, Mag 5 Shots Corona Cannon and inflicts fire-based damage on an enemy. Slow moving shot. 300 Lady of the Flames
Skill Icon Blizzard Cannon.png Blizzard Cannon Active Ice Shot MP 15, Mag 5 Shots Blizzard Cannon and inflicts ice-based damage on an enemy. Slow moving shot. 300 Lord of the Frost
Skill Icon Lightning Cannon.png Lightning Cannon Active Electric Shot MP 15, Mag 5 Shots Lighting Cannon and inflicts electric-based damage on an enemy. Slow moving shot. 300 Lady of Static
Skill Icon Hurricane Cannon.png Hurricane Cannon Active Force Shot MP 15, Mag 5 Shots Hurricane Cannon and inflicts force-based damage on an enemy. Slow moving shot. 300 Lord of the Storm
Skill Icon Magical Meteor.png Magical Meteor Active Magic Spin 15 MP, 15 Mags ? 300 Magic Blast, Blessing of Shukra