Distortion Floor

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Distortion Floor
Exit(s) Shinjuku Docks elevator at (x20.5, y18.5)

A dungeon available during and after the completion of Act 19-4: Don't take my name (4).




Various enemies will spawn throughout the floors which may look similar to older dungeons however, they are much stronger and can have some different resistances.

  • In order for players to proceed all enemies in the rooms and passages leading to the teleporter must be defeated.
    • These enemies although tedious drop the following items:
    • x2 Sands of Logic [Blue/Green]
    • Gift Melons

Floors and treasure chests:

Explained below are not only the layouts of specific dungeon floors but also the cost to spawn in treasure chests for extra rewards.

  • NOTE:
    • To get all treasure chests throughout the floors it will require up to 650,000 Magnetites.
Floor Dungeon Cost Notes
Floor 1 Celu Tower (Gold) Give 50000 Magnetites to the switch Boss appears in front of the teleport for the next floor.
Floor 2 Shinagawa Catacombs (Bronze) Defeat 3 Thrones throughout the dungeon floor Boss appears in the room where Zhu Que plugin is obtained.
Floor 3 Zhu Que Cavern (Bronze) Give 50000 Magnetites to 4 plasmas throughout the dungeon floor Boss appears at the Stray Angel location.
Floor 4 Suginami Tunnels (Gold) Kill all enemies throughout the floor Boss appears in the only empty room.
Floor 5 Shibuya Quartz (Gold) Kill the three bronze bosses located throughout the floor and give 50000 Magnetites to the 3 Crystals Bosses appears in the only empty room.
Floor 6 Ichigaya Camp (Gold) Gives 50000 to 200000 Magnetites to Switch Boss appears at the last room before the final boss.

Boss floor:

  • The boss timer limit is 3 minutes.
  • The enemies attack on sight.
Demon Resistances
Distorted Pillar Ose Weaknesses: Nerve, Mind
Resistances: Fire, Physical, Mystic
Nulls: Death

Distorted Archduke Flauros Resistances: Physical, Elementals, Mystic, Nerve
Reflects: Fire, Death



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