Earth Mother

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How to Fuse

Fusion Range Demon Level Cost Success Rate
1-35 Kikuri-Hime 18 162 53%
36-51 Kushinada-Hime 26 338 41%
52-59 Artemis 30 450 35%
60-127 Parvati 64 2048 4%
128-135 Kali 68 2312 3%
136+ Skadi 74 2738 3%
Special Fusion Diana 82 ? 3%
Special Fusion Isis 94 ? 4%
Special Fusion Ishtar 96 ? 3%
Elemental Fusions
Erthys Aeros Aquans Flamies
Up Down Down Down
Family Combinations
Demon God+Femme Goddess+Seraphim Goddess+Earth Element Goddess+Nation Ruler
Goddess+Guardian Goddess+Femme Seraphim+Fallen Angel Divine+Guardian
Avian+Holy Beast Wild Bird+Destroyer Wild Bird+Nation Ruler Earth Element+Demigod
Demigod+Fallen Angel Nocturne+Holy Beast Nocturne+Destroyer Nocturne+Nation Ruler
Nocturne+Tyrant Dragon King+Nation Ruler Dragon King+Dragon Holy Beast+Femme
Destroyer+Guardian Destroyer+Tyrant Nation Ruler+Dragon Guardian+Femme

Demon Icon Kikuri-Hime.png Kikuri-Hime

Main article: Kikuri-Hime

A goddess of agriculture and the harvest in Japanese mythology. She is also said to be a goddess of love and marriage. She is the shrine goddess of Hakusan-Hibai Shrine in Ishikawa, Japan, where she has been revered for centuries as the "mother goddess of life."

When Izanagi fled the underworld of Yomi and was pursued by Izanami, Kikuri-hime is said to have reconciled the two at Yomotsuhirasaka. The word "kikuri" means "bind fates together," and Kikuri-hime's name is said to derive from her role as mediator between Izanagi and Izanami, through which their fates were bound together.

Kikuri-hime is also sometimes seen as a goddess of Yomi, ruling over death and rebirth. She is well known throughout Japan, with over 2.700 shrines dedicated to her, and is revered as one of the most powerful deities.

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Demon Icon Kushinada-Hime.png Kushinada-Hime

Main article: Kushinada-Hime

The youngest of the eight daughters of Ashinazuchi and Tenazuchi.

Kushinada-hime was to be offered as a sacrifice to the demon Yamta-no-Orochi, but she was saved by Susano'o, who had been cast down from the heavens to the earth for causing mischief, on the condition that she become his wife.

Kushinada-hime's name has been interpret(n)ed many different ways. Some say "kushi" refers to the comb kept by shrine maidens, and that Kushinada-hime was the shrine maiden of a water god. Other claim that it derives from her parents Ashina and Tena, who were elements of later- and early-growing rice, respectively. Still others believe that Kushinada-hime herself was a goddess of rice paddies.

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Demon Icon Artemis.png Artemis

Main article: Artemis

One of the twelve Olympian deities of Greek mythology. The goddess of hunting and virginity. She is also recognized as a moon goddess, and is identified with the Greek goddess Selene and the Roman goddess Luna. She and her twin brother, the sun god Apollo, are the children of Zeus and Leto.

Artemis is an expert archer and bears the title "Lady of the Long Arrow." The arrows she shot were said to kill their targets painlessly. Strong-willed, she was also given to pitiless acts of cruelty.

In ancient times, the moon was though to possess great magic power. Because the moon changes its face as it waxes and wanes, it was seen as another face of Artemis, who formed a trinity along with the underworld goddess Hecate and the moon goddess Selene.

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Demon Icon Parvati.png Parvati

Main article: Parvati

In Hindu mythology, Parvati is the daughter of the lord of the mountains, Himavan, and the apsaras Mena. She is also the reincarnation of Sati, the first consort of Shiva. Parvati personifies many noble virtues such as fertility, devotion, marital happiness, asceticism, and power. Some teachings even say that she is the source of all power in the universe, and is where Shiva gets his power, even going as far as to sometimes portray her as one-half of Shiva. She is widely worshiped by married women to ensure the health and longevity of their husbands.

Parvati is the divine mother of the deities Ganesha and Kartikeya. Kali and Durga are considered to be her core aspects as produced by the Devi.

Parvati first tried to meet Shiva by asking the god of love, Kamadeva, to shoot him with his arrows-of-desire thus disrupting his meditation so that Parvati could get his attention. Sadly the plan backfired, and as soon as Shiva was struck by the arrow he opened his third eye and annihilated Kamadeva in a rage. This act was catastrophic for mankind, as the world became barren and unregenerative. Eventually Shiva did fall in love with Parvati, and they were married, and by request of the other deities and the intercession of Parvati on Kamadeva's behalf, he was resurrected by Shiva, and the world flourished once again.

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Demon Icon Kali.png Kali

Main article: Kali

A goddess of Indian mythology. She is one of the consorts of Shiva, the god of destruction.

The name "Kali" means "black one" and is derived from the word "kala" (black), but has also come to mean "goddess of time." Her sacred place is Calcutta, where she still retains many followers who worship her as a mother goddess. Kali is identified with Durga, an alternate aspect of Parvati transformed by anger at Asura into a fearsome form.

Kali loves blood, wine, slaughter, and battle. She is black from head to toe and has four arms, each of which is always carrying a blood-stained weapon or a severed head. However, her arms are said to have the power to grant blessings to those who believe in her.

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Demon Icon Skadi.png Skadi

Main article: Skadi

In Norse mythology, Skadi was a giantess and the wife of Njord, the god of the sea. She was celebrated as the goddess of the snow and associated with shadow in the form of nothingness. It is written that during Ragnarok, all the gods shall return to her.

When the Aesir killed her father, Thjazi she traveled to Asgard to enact revenge. The gods decided that they should repay her in some way, so they agreed to let her marry one of them, but she could only look at the feet of the gods when she chooses. She desired to marry the god Baldr, as he was the most handsome god in Asgard, and so she went for the most beautiful feet, assuming they could only belong to him. However she had actually picked the feet of the god of the wind and sea, Njord, whose feet were exceptionally clean due to the seawater. Secondly the gods agreed to make her laugh, which was a seemingly impossible task. This was not going well until Loki tied one end of a cord around the beard of a goat and the other end to his testicles. Loki and the goat began to pull each other back and forth while making loud squealing sounds, until Loki fell over into Skadi's lap, and she burst out laughing. As a final act of penance, Odin placed Thjazi's eyes into the night sky to shine as stars. Skadi and Njord had a good relationship, but they couldn't stand each other's living conditions (Njord liked the sea, while Skadi liked the icy mountains). Eventually they came to the agreement to live together for only a few weeks a year.

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Main article: Diana

Demon Icon Isis.png Isis

Main article: Isis

Demon Icon Ishtar.png Ishtar

Main article: Ishtar
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