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What is an Enhancer?

Enhancers are a support class capable of healing, creating reflective shields and casting spells that improve both defense and attack, which makes them very useful members to any party setup. They focus primarily on a high level of Intelligence (INT) status to improve these buffs and improve their support capabilities.

Advantages of an Enhancer

Mana Pool - Enhancers have a primary focus toward Intelligence (INT) which exponentially boosts their Mana Pool.

Hybrid Potential - Enhancement can be easily merged to other classes and create hybrid builds.

Disadvantages of an Enhancer

Large use of Consumables - Enhancers tend to use their MP pool fairly quickly, consuming a large amount of enhancement beads and MP restoring items. However with MP regeneration items this can be avoided.

Combat - If an enhancer chooses to stay a pure support class, they will be reliant on their party members and their demon to do damage.


Support Magic - A variety of attack and defense buffs, AoE and self-target skills.

Curative Magic - This expertise opens skills that restore HP, remove status ailments, revive party members and demons.

Chain Expertise

Enhancement - Allows the caster to heavily reduce damage from enemies and boost the damage dealt from allies for a short amount of time. Also enables wide-reaching AoE healing skills, as well as reflective shields.

Curse of the Wretched - A debuffing Chain Expertise that inflicts a wide array of debuffs and status ailments on opponents.

Retaliation - Used specifically for the Lord of Armor Toggle - this skill grants 50% reduction of any damage taken. It also nulls knockback and cast-cancelling so the Enhancer can focus on supporting the group.


Enhancers typically hybrid into just about more than one chain.

Retaliation Enhancer: Enhancement and Retaliation used together providing far less damage taken.

Enhancer with Curse of the Wretched: A Pure Enhancer that uses Curse of the Wretched. Can debuff enemies as well as provide boosts for the party. Mostly seen as a "pure" enhance build. It may also be called Hexhancer (5 Enhancement 5 Curse of the wretched).

Retaliation Enhancer with Curse of the Wretched: This enhancement chain involves the usage of Retaliation with basic Enhancement (Class 2, Rank 5) and Curse of the Wretched (Class 3). These enhancers are gifted with the hex debuffs that allow damage dealers to hit twice as hard while also maintaining the critical Attack, Defense, and Null Knockback buffs.

Note: It is common to see enhancement mixed in with other classes.

Equipment Compatibility

Anything that boosts an enhancers INT as well as reducing the cool-down of their spells. For curative enhancers, look for items that improve Curative Affects (Tarot: Kikuri-Hime=5% curative effects). For enhancers that rely on demons, prioritize items that improve their damage.

Note: 140 int is the cap for the damage and defense bonuses given by class 2 enhance pulses.

Here are some fairly common choices that help reduce an Enhancer's reliance on items:

No-AC Items Ring of Nibelungen: This is a synthable ring that boosts MP regeneration by 300%. It can be created by using a Silver Ring and taroting and soul stoning Valkyrie Crystals.

Epee is a good weapon due to -50% MP cost cut when casting a spell, but you dont really need it since Neurons-COMP + Ring of Nibelungen should give you enough MP-boost :) Iron pipe (Unnatural) -30% Cool Down

AC Items Neurons Type S/T/M are AC COMPS that boosts an enhancer's HP and MP regeneration by 500%.

Devil Vision Avatar: Top -30% Cool Down +10% General Damage Boost.

Omen Dress/Jacket/Fighting Maid/Marching Uniform: Top -25% Cool Down +8% General Damage Boost.

Omen Trousers/Marching Slacks/Omen Wings:-10% Cool Down + 7/3% General Damage Boost.

Modern Limitation/Omen Gloves/Omen Boots:-5% Cool Down + 5/3% General Damage Boost.

Research good DT can help too (neck, face and extra gear with 5% cool down). You'll need 3 of them for pipe diary and monocle.