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Epitaphs are an item that can temporarily replace the effect of a demon's feature for the Epitaph's feature.


  • Features of the same type/affinity can not co-exist at the same time
    • There might be some exceptions to this.
  • A variety of Features such as "inexperienced" and other unique Family Features can not be replaced.
    • These include family features that help with Occultism or even Swordsmithing and are shown with an X.
  • Drag and drop the Epitaph from the inventory to the icon frame of the "Feature" tab.
    • This will only work on a summoned demon.
  • When a demon is equipped with an Epitaph the demon will become auto locked when equipped, and the lock can not be released while the epitaph is equipped.
    • Thus, players will be prevented from fusing, rebirth, or crystalizing your demon until the epitaph in question is no longer equipped and the demon is unlocked.
  • Demons with a Summoner Boosting Epitaph will not boost if the demon is dead.

Epitaph Bases

Epitaph Bases are epitaph parts that can be item mixed to create a specific Epitaph.

Epitaph Base I エピタフベース Reward: Valuable Challenge
Epitaph Base II エピタフベースⅡ Unavailable

Item Mixed Epitaphs

エピタフパーツ【近接攻撃上昇Ⅰ】 • Close-range damage+20% Item Mixing with Base I
エピタフパーツ【射撃攻撃上昇Ⅰ】 • Long-range damage+20% damage+20% Item Mixing with Base I
エピタフパーツ【魔法効果上昇Ⅰ】 • Spell damage+20% Item Mixing with Base I
エピタフパーツ【審判Ⅱ】 • Experience +10%
• Close-Range Damage +5%
• HP +50
Item Mixing
エピタフパーツ【予言Ⅱ】 • Experience +10%
• Long-Range Damage +5%
• HP +50
Item Mixing
エピタフパーツ【守護Ⅱ】 • Experience +10%
• Spell Damage +5%
• HP +50
Item Mixing
エピタフパーツ【必殺発生上昇Ⅰ】 • Final Critical Correction +10% Unavailable / Item Mixing
エピタフパーツ【LB発生上昇Ⅰ】 • Limit Break Chance +15%
• Limit Break Power +15%
Unavailable / Item Mixing
エピタフパーツ【TA発生上昇Ⅰ】 • Technical Attack Chance +10%, Technical Attack Power +5% Unavailable / Item Mixing


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