Fujimi Midgard Battleground

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Several years had passed since the Gaia and the Messiah signed a treaty to cease fire... Tokyo was peaceful on the surface, but neither side had lost the desire to conquer the other in the future. As the tension mounds and the fear spreads, the extremists were anxious to start yet another war. One day, a mysterious man approached both sides with a proposition.

"I can provide you with a place where you can unleash your anger and frustration..."

Nobody knew what he was trying to accomplish by encouraging them to battle each other. But one thing was certain - the peaceful era was about to end.

Face your density and investigate this new movement, Devil Busters!

Fujimi Midgard

Located somewhere West of Shinjuku Babel - people used to call this area "Fujimi Town, Nakano District". Since then, the area had changed its name to "Fujimi Midgard". "Midgard" literally means "Nakano (Middle of the Field)". It also refers to a world where humans live, with constant conflicts.

An underground battlefield was established here by a mysterious figure only known as "Gonzo". Every day and night, the extremists and the street fighters alike would battle each other. Some Devil Busters had been spotted participating in this illegal operation - for investigation, for fame, or perhaps, for pure excitement...


Participating players are divided evenly into 2 teams; Scarlet [X23:Y18] and Azure [X17:Y23] and they will battle each other in Fujimi Midgard. Each team will hold up to 15 players, meaning up to 60 characters (including the summoned demons) could be on the same field at once.

The objective is to capture as many bases located on the field. The more bases you capture, and the longer you maintain control of the base(s), the more points your team will gain.

Fate focuses on team play and strategies, rather than individual battle skills.

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