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Gems are dropped by various demons across the fields, and in the dungeons of Imagine, as well as appearing in loot boxes. Gems can be sold to NPCS for a base of 5,000 macca (and subject to higher payouts if the appropriate alignment in alignment city shops).

Gems can also be used in modification, crystallization, and negotiation-- each demon species has a particular gem-type attributed to it, and require the correct gem type to be used in Crystallization and Negotiation.


Item Peridot.png Peridot -

The birthstone for August, the peridot has an olive glimmer that has been believed since ancient times to have the power to heal and ward off evil. Treasure Chest: Ueno Mirage
Random Reward: Ueno Mirage
Care/Mooch: Yoma, Brute
Item Mixing
Drops: Yoma, Brute
Item Turquoise.png Turquoise -

The birthstone for December, turquoise, has long been considered a sacred stone in many parts of the world. The ancient Egyptians offered it as gifts to the gods Osiris and Isis. Treasure Chest: Ueno Mirage, Suginami Tunnels(Silver/Gold)
Random Reward: Suginami Tunnels, Ueno Mirage
Care/Mooch: Divine, Fallen Angel
Item Mixing
Drop: Divine, Fallen Angel
Item Aquamarine.png Aquamarine -

A birthstone for March, aquamarine has a translucent blue color like the sea. European sailors once considered this gem to contain the powers of the sea and kept them as lucky charms. Treasure Chest: Shibuya Quartz (Silver/Gold)
Random Reward: Shibuya Quartz
Care/Mooch: Fairy, Foul
Item Mixing
Drop: Fairy, Foul
Plasma Drop: Suginami
Item Topaz.png Topaz -

The birthstone for November, the topaz normally comes in yellow, but can also be found in blue, green, and pink. It symbolizes friendship and hope. Treasure Chest: Nakano Underground Ruins(Silver/Gold)
Random Reward: Nakano Underground Ruins, Shinagawa Ice Cave
Care/Mooch: Earth Element, Nocturne
Item Mixing
Drops: Earth Element, Nocturne
Item Garnet.png Garnet -

The birthstone for January, the garnet's amber glow was said to have acted as a guiding light for Noah as he sailed the dark, flooded world in his ark. Random Reward: Nakano Boundless Domain, Old Tokyo Metro
Care/Mooch: Beast, Wilder
Item Mixing
Drop: Beast, Wilder
Item Jade.png Jade -

The birthstone for May, jade is a green jewel with more of a history in Japan and China than in the West. It symbolizes authority and status. Treasure Chest: Shibuya Quartz(Silver/Gold)
Random Reward: Shibuya Quartz, Old Tokyo Metro
Care/Mooch: Haunt, Wild Bird
Item Mixing
Drop: Haunt, Wild Bird
Item Opal.png Opal -

The birthstone for October, the opal is a beautiful gem that glitters in many different colors. It was known as the gem of the gods in ancient Rome, where it was held in very high esteem. Treasure Chest: Nakano Underground Ruins(Silver/Gold), Old Ichigaya Camp(Silver/Gold)
Random Reward: Nakano Underground Ruins, Old Ichigaya Camp
Care/Mooch: Evil Demon, Femme
Item Mixing
Drops: Evil Demon, Femme
Item Amethyst.png Amethyst -

The birthstone for February, the amethyst is named after Amethystos, a servant to Diana, the Greek goddess of the moon, whose story ended in tragedy. Treasure Chest: Shinagawa Catacomb of the Templar Knights (Gold)
Random Reward: Shinagawa Catacomb of the Templar Knights
Care/Mooch: Raptor, Evil Dragon
Item Mixing
Drop: Raptor, Evil Dragon
Item Emerald.png Emerald -

The birthstone for May, the emerald has a long history going back to ancient Babylonia, where it was traded. Queen Cleopatra was a fan of its green glimmer. Treasure Chest: Suginami Tunnels(Silver/Gold). Kagurazaka Zhu Que Cavern(Gold)
Random Reward: Suginami Tunnels, Kagurazaka Zhu Que Cavern
Care/Mooch: Avian, Dragon, Elemental
Item Mixing
Drop: Avian, Dragon, Elemental
Item Sapphire.png Sapphire -

The birthstone for September, the sapphire was considered a symbol of the clergy in medieval Europe, with even the Pope sporting a sapphire ring. It is a blue gem symbolizing loyalty and purity. Treasure Chest: Celu Tower(Silver/Gold)
Random Reward: Celu Tower, Shibuya Metro, Shinagawa Ice Cave
Care/Mooch: Demigod, Earth Mother, Goddess, Holy Beast
Item Mixing
Drop: Demigod, Earth Mother, Goddess, Holy Beast
Item Ruby.png Ruby -

The birthstone for July, the name ruby comes from ruber, the Latin word for red. Its passionate color offers the courage to pursue one's goal and is said to make one's romantic wishes come true. Treasure Chest: Celu Tower(Silver/Gold), Old Ichigaya Camp(Silver/Gold), Shinagawa Catacomb of the Templar Knights(Gold)
Random Reward: Celu Tower, Old Ichigaya Camp, Shinagawa Catacomb of the Templar Knights
Care/Mooch: Demon God, Guardian, Vile
Item Mixing
Drops: Demon God, Guardian, Vile
Item Pearl.png Pearl -

The birthstone for June, the pearl is a biogenic mineral produced by pearl shells. Even Japan, with its lack of mineral deposits, was able to offer the world its share of beautiful jewelry thanks to its use of pearl farming. Treasure Chest: Kagurazaka Zhu Que Cavern(Gold), Shibuya Metro
Random Reward: Kagurazaka Zhu Que Cavern, Zoushigaya Cemetery, Shibuya Metro
Care/Mooch: Heavenly God, Reaper, Godly Beast, Nation Ruler
Item Mixing
Drop: Heavenly God, Reaper, Godly Beast, Nation Ruler
Item Coral.png Coral -

A birthstone for March, coral is a biogenic mineral produced in the sea. Coral is said to bring luck and beauty to young women in Scotland, and is used in the jewelry handed down among the British royalty. Treasure Chest: Home II
Random Reward: Home II, Virtual Beach (Izumo Island instance)
Care/Mooch: Dragon King
Item Mixing
Drops: Dragon King
Item Diamond.png Diamond -

The birthstone for April, the diamond is the hardest of all metals and retains its form for decades and centuries without losing its sparkle. Reward: Mound of Masakado (easy)
Random Reward: Shinjuku Docks: Deep Levels, Suginami Tunnels (Ultimate Summon Orb), Celu Tower (Ultimate Summon Orb), Old Ichigaya Camp (Ultimate Summon Orb)(B108)
Care/Mooch: Fiend, Tyrant, Seraph
Item Mixing
Demon Quests
Drop: Fiend, Tyrant
Item Philosopher's Stone.png Philosopher's Stone -

A lovely gem that countless alchemists once attempted to find. Perhaps it was formed by the indefatigable dreams of these men, who never gave up in their fruitless pursuit.

It can be used with a demon of any race when performing Crystallize Demon, and will increase the success rate.


Cracked Gems

Cracked gems are obtained from demons after using the Care/Mooch commands on a demon that is at least at the friendship level of Open Hearts.

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