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What is a Gunner?

A character who uses a firearm as their main weapon of choice to combat demons in MegaTen. Their main attribute is Speed which increases their firearm damage.

Advantages of Gunners

Pin-pointer - Able to pinpoint a single enemy which is useful for luring/kiting or eliminating the most troublesome enemies as soon as possible without luring the enemies around the main target

Long Range - Have the highest range out of all the classes. Does Not Apply to Rapids

Difficult to hit - With Counter, Dodge and Rapid , a skilled gunner can re-actively stay out of harm's way against many enemies and prepare for a Shot attack.

High DPS - Rapid is one of the highest DPS, only second to Attack Melee, this is countered by their near point-blank range.

Variety - Different play-styles depending on expertise used.

Disadvantages of Gunners

Cast Time - Gunners start off with slow attacks with either long cool-downs or cast times, length decreases later on. This is the downside to a gunner's defensive aspects.

Ammunition - Gunners must have stocks of ammunition in their inventory at all times.

Fragile - Gunners usually have little to no Vitality, thus most have low HP. This becomes a problem mostly around demon mobs.

Weak Modifiers - Magic Bullet and Shot Type Gunners have some of the weakest damage modifiers in the game

Near Point-Blank Range as rapid - Rapids, though possessing high DPS Ability must close to almost point blank range before firing.



  • Speed - Increases damage with firearms. Reduces Cooldown and Incantation effect as secondary effect.
  • Luck - Increases Critical hit rate and Critical hit defense.
  • Magic - Raises max MP and damage for Magic Bullet.
  • Intelligence - Only useful for Hybrid builds with Enhance.


  • Shot - Single shot skills.

Increases Speed Attribute
Critical Boost (Class 2 Only)
Decreases Shot Incant Time
Increases Shot Damage

  • Rapid - Multi-Shot Skills

MP Boosts
Decreases Rapid Incant Time
Increases Rapid Damage

Reduces durability damage taken by guns
Increases Long-Range Stat
Decreases Shot Incant Time (Class 7 only)

Chain Expertise

  • Sharpshooter - A Battle Expertise Skill for enhancing the damage that guns do against certain demon species.

Expertise Required
Class 2 Rank 0 Shot
Class 1 Rank 0 Gun Knowledge
Class 2 Rank 0 Demonology

  • Magic Bullet - A Battle Expertise Skill for endowing gunshots with curse magic and elemental abilities.

Expertise Required
Class 2 Rank 0 Shot
Class 1 Rank 0 Gun Knowledge
Class 2 Rank 0 Curse Magic
Class 1 Rank 0 Magic Control



Gunners deal damage primarily through the Speed attribute

Additional Points on MB Gunners:

MB gunners additionally require high Magic, as MB is calculated with 100% Lng-R + 50% Spell Stats.
Sometimes MB Gunners go Speed/Luck, though this build is comparatively rare and only really useful for MB/SS/Regal

Additional Pointers on Rapid Gunners:

Rapid Gunners Utilize Speed and Luck due to magic not modifying their damage, luck allows for more critical hits and higher damage potential to the rapid.

Additional Pointers on Pure Shot and Shot/SS Gunners

These Gunners also use a Speed/Luck build

Intelligence is relatively useless for most gunners, same with Vitality. Strength is especially useless.

Standard Expertise Builds

Shot/SS - Deals Damage with a +30% Racial Boost Due to SS Toggles
MB/SS - Deals Damage with a +30% Racial Boost Due to SS Toggles
Rapid/SS - Deals Damage with a +30% Racial Boost Due to SS Toggles

Hybrid Expertise Builds

Curse Of The Wretched Hybrid Builds

MB/CoTW - Hybrid Build focusing on Debuffs

Enhance Hybrid Builds

MB/Enhance - Hybrid Build Focusing on Support

Advanced Builds

Counter/Dodge/Rapid - Prototype build for Rapid Survivalist. Scrapped in favor of current one.

Rapid Survivalist - Advanced build centered around around survivability.

Rapid/Regal/MB - Advanced Build centered around High-Damage-Low-HP Point Blank Range attacks (Also Nicknamed Suicide Rapid)

MB/SS/Regal - Advanced Build centered around High-Damage-Low-HP Long Range Shots (Weaker than Rapid/Regal/MB, but more survivable)

SS/MB/RAPID - Advanced build centered around High Damage at Long and Close Range

Equipment Compatibility

Magic Bullet/Shot Type Gunner:
Damage Types Needed:

Rapid Type Gunner:
Damage Types Needed:



Due to the variety of gunner classes, specific tarots are difficult to find, however, this is a list of useful ones:

Cups Ranging from +1 SPD (I) to +5 SPD (V)

Zhen SPD +2, STR -1, MAG -1

Hresvelgr SPD +3, VIT -3

The Sun SPD +2, Luck +3

Emperor SPD +2, Shot Boost +3%, Luck -5

Hecatonchires Rapid Boost +4%

Beelzebub(Human) SPD +5, Luck +5, CRT +4

Soul Stones

Pa Bil Sag (Foot) +2 SPD +5% Shot/Rapid Damage if shot/rapid class is 4 or above. Level Requirement:30

Scorpion (Earrings) Penetration Res +10, Penetration-based skill effect +20%

Archer (Foot) Handgun Res +10, Handgun-Based Skill Effect +20%

Hresvelgr (Back) -10 MP Regen, +10 SPD, +5 INT, IF LAW and HP < 20%, Lng-R General Boost +50%

Morrigan (Back) +10 MP Regen, +5 Speed, +5 Vitality. With Macha's SS: +15 CRT, +15% Rapid Boost

Macha (Weapon) +7 CRT, If Luck is above 20, additionally +14 CRT.

Harpy Sisters Set (Top, Bottom, Head/Face) +10 MP, +7 SPD, +5 INT, +50 CRT

Procyon (Bottom) + 10% Long Range Damage

Beelzebub(Human) (Top) + 10 SPD, +15 CRT, +10% Shot damage