Magic Fist

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A battle expertise skill for staging an assault while enveloped in destructive magical energy.
Increases damage and reduces incantation time with leveling.


Requirements to unlock: Rush at Class 1-0, Destruction Magic at Class 1-0, Magic Control at Class 1-0.
  • Gains expertise equal to 30% of your Rush level.
  • Gains expertise equal to 30% of your Destruction Magic level.
  • Gains expertise equal to 40% of your Magic Control level.


  • Magic Fist deals damage based on 100% Spell statistic plus 50% Close Range Attack statistic plus a damage bonus dependent on your level of expertise in Magic Fist. Magic Control (includes passive boost) and certain Regal Presence toggle will affect this skill too.
  • These skills is not affected by Seal/Mute (restricted spell usage).
Skill Icon Kamaitachi.png Kamaitachi 1-0 Active Force Rush 1 HP 7%, MP 6 Surrounds yourself with a vacuum, slicing enemies you pass to bits.

Inflicts Force-based damage on all enemies in range.

Skill Icon Freezing Lance.png Freezing Lance 2-0 Active Ice Rush 1 HP 9%, MP 5 Clads yourself in cold, and freezes enemies' blood with a thrust.

Inflicts Ice-based damage on all enemies in range.

Skill Icon Sonic Through.png Sonic Through 3-0 Active Electric Rush 1 HP 5%, MP 3 Creates an electric field and electrocutes your foes.

Inflicts Electric-based damage on all enemies in range.

Skill Icon Delorean.png Delorean 4-0 Active Fire Rush 1 HP 11%, MP 8 A trail of fire from your feet burns all enemies in your path.

Inflicts Fire-based damage on all enemies in range.

File:Skill Icon Spell Runner.png Spell Runner 6-0 Active Mystic Rush 1 HP 8%, MP 10 Inflicts Mystic-based damage and Mute ailment on all enemies in range.
File:Skill Icon Demon Heart Breaker.png Devil Heart Breaker 8-0 Active Almighty Rush 1 HP 16%, MP 50, 140 Mag A deadly feat of magic that penetrates even a Demon's heart.

Inflicts Almighty-based damage on all enemies in range.

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Skills Learned by Reward

CurseGrudge.png Curse Grudge Active Death Rush 3% HP,
15 MP
? Exchange 300 Masakadus to Gomory in Shinagawa.

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