Medical Sciences

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[Knowledge] An Expertise Skill for the healing arts.
Side-effects: Curative Item Effect/up (N/A now). Regeneration while Resting/up (N/A now).

Can be increased up to Class 6
[Note] The Expertise does not raise your Curative-based effects!


Requirements to Unlock: Complete An Invitation to Mixology quest from Dr. Aya in Home III.

This Expertise affects Craftsmanship Chain Expertise by 20%.

How to Train Expertise

below is a reference of expertise gained when creating the following items

Ointment 5,5
High grade ointment 5,5
Emergency Cure 5,5
Quick fix 5,5
Chakra gum 16,5
Chakra candy 16,5
Chakra crepe 16,5
Magic stone 16,5
Jewel 16,5
Dis poison 22
Dis stone 22
Dis charm 22
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