Mitama Features

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When Mitama'd, a demon will gain new features from it. Whether these features override old ones, or become entirely new ones depends on the demon. This is a compilation of all known Mitama demon features.

Feature Name Description Demons
29 Symbol Curative MP cost -50%, Curative stack +1, Summoner HP +100 Apis
Acrobatics Rush/Spin damage +25%, Rush/Spin cooldown -50% Cait SithNekomata
Adversary Counter damage + 400%
Close-range damage + 20%
Cool-down time - 50%
All or Nothing While using Blunt-affinity skills, +10% Final critical correction
While using Suicide-affinity skills, Suicide damage + 100%
Apparition Boost Support/Mind/Nerve Cooldown -50%, Support stack +1 Shadow
Archduke of Sloth Ice/Mystic damage +50%, Ailment +20% Astaroth
Asterisk Summoner Mag/Vit/Int +25 Decarabia
Atmospheric Freeze Ice +50%, Ice cooldown -50% ApsarasHresvelgrBlack FrostBeiji WengKikuri-HimeQing-LongSanta Black Frost
Avarice Melee Lv*0.3, Absorb All Physical Lv*0.5% Tao TieGakiPisacaYomotsu-Shikome
Bad News Slash/Thrust/Blunt damage +30%, Slash/Thrust/Blunt cooldown -25%, OgreOniYaksaYaksni
Banas Pati Status Ailment Resistance +50%, Expel +50% Barong
Baptized One Null all Magic at (Level * 0.5)%
Expel damage + 100%
Rapid damage + 30%
Ose HallelFlauros Hallel
Beard of Longevity Incant -50%, Cooldown -50%, Clench 30% Xuan Wu
Beauty of the Finest Fire/Curative +50%, Fire/Curative cooldown -25% Parvati
Binding Pursuit Force +50%, Nerve cooldown -50%, Ailments +25% Kumbhanda
Bitter Black +40% damage to men
+15% ailment landing rate
Chance of inflicting the Depression and Charm ailments on knockback
Bitter Black Moh ShuvuuBitter Black TitaniaBitter Black Tzitzimitl
Black Storm Illusion (Mitama) -100% HP cost for spin skills, +50% Electric, +50% Force, Absorb Force Lv*1% Black Storm Illusion Seth
Black Transformation MP cost -30%, Cooldown -40% Kudlak
Blood Vessel of Midnight Death +30%, Mind +50%, Mind incantation -25%, Mind cooldown -25% Lilith
Brave Red Capote Fire + 50%, Thrust + 25%, Crt +100, When MP is less than 50%, +20% Close-range damage Brave Red Capote Matador
Breath of the Snow Mountain +30% Ice, +30% Death, +20% Ailment rate Yuki Jyorou
Carry Hand of God -100% HP cost for Rush skills, +75% Rush damage Gryphon
Chanting Duke Summoner's Intelligence + 30
HP cost of all skills for Summoner -30%
Mind/Nerve damage + 50%
Charisma of the Flag Summoner Str/Vit/Int +25 Eligor
Cheerful Incantation time for all skills -30%. Cool-down time for all skills -30%. ElfGuedeKissy PixieNagaPixieSuper Pixie
Child-Eating Widow Status-Changing Skills Success Rate +20% , Death +50% Rangda
Child of Light Expel +100%, Expel stack +1, Crt +100 Cu Chulainn
Circle Walker Rush/Curative +50%, Curative/Support cooldown -30% Kirin
Clear Mind A demon that has reached the height of mastery.
Close-range, Long-range, and Spell damage +30%
Incantation time -50%
YoshitsuneHassou Tobi Yoshitsune
Clerk of Heaven Force/Expel +25%, Support stack +1 Metatron
Confidant Experience + 300%
Player's LB Power + 40%, Demon's LB Power - 80%
Player's Critical + 80, Demon's Critical -80
Confidant MatadorConfidant Yoshitsune
Courageous Heart Crt + Lv*1, Crt Def + Lv*1 Bai HuJatayu
Courtesan Mind + 100%, Nerve +100%, Charm +90% SenriLamia
Cup of Change Fire/Ice/Electric affinity cap + 50% Baal
Dark Cold Robe Ice +30%, Death +30% Chernobog
Dark Hero A demon who continues to embrace the conflict between mercy and revenge.
Attack/Counter damage +100%, 20% Clench chance.
Frost Ace
Death's Invitation Muddle +30%, Charm +30%, Instant Death +30%, Death stack +1 AliceThe innocent who became an insane girl Alice
Dedication (Mitama) To summoner, +300% experience gained, +100% curative, +20 physical and magical defense Dedication Vivian
Deep Profundity Incantation -30%, Summoner Int +30, Party Ailments resist +20 Bai Ze
Demon Spirit Meld Mystic/Mind/Nerve +50%, Mystic/Mind/Nerve cooldown -50% Gorgon
Desert Crown Force/Death +30%, Ailments +30% Basilisk
Destroyer of Walls +50 Critical, +50% Slash, +50% Blunt Ares
Distant Reason HP/MP cost -100% Vishnu
Divided Spirit It is told of in an epic, of the spirits who make up the world.

When these demons are in the party, the following affinities are raised:
+50% Fire resistance: Urizen
+50% Ice resistance: Tharmas
+50% Electric resistance: Urthona
+50% Force resistance: Luvah

Dragon King Spin +30%, Ice +50%, Ice cooldown -30% Raja NagaAnantaVasuki
Dream Stealer Cooldown- 50%, Absorb All Magic Lv*0.3% Queen MabLeanan Sidhe
Dust Whirl Force stack +1 AnzuHarpyMothmanKarasu-TenguKoppa-Tengu
Earth Pulse Guide Absorb Fire/Ice/Electric/Force Lv*1% Bucca-BooDwarfHua PoKnockerKodamaTan-Ki
Eight Capital Methods Hassou Tobi's skill power +50%, -50% HP cost, Null Slash Lv*1% Hassou Tobi Yoshitsune
Eight Mind All Magic + Lv *0.5% Omoikane
Endless Eloquence All Magic incantation -75%, All Magic cooldown -15% Forneus
Envoy's Duty Summoner Str, Mag, Spd +25 AngelArchangelPrincipality
Envoy's Guidance HP/MP cost -30%, Summoner Pde/Agm +25 DominionPowerVirtue
Ether Flutter Fire/Force +15%, Fire/Force cooldown -50% OnmorakiZhu QueFeng Huang
Executioner Slash +50%, HP cost -30% Turdak
Explosive Fire Fire +50%, Fire cooldown -50% EfreetPhoenixFenrirMotMolochSurtHino-Kagutsuchi
Exultant Revelry Final Critical Correction + 20%
Instant Death success rate + 25%
Fairy Circle Dance Those who have learned how to to join their powers, precisely because they are weak or small.
When Fairy Pixie is in the same party: MAX HP +50 MAX MP +30.
PixieHigh Pixie
Fast Strong Arm Blunt +100%, Crt +100 HecatonchiresTajikaraoFomorianNozuchiFafnir
Fallen Guardian -100% MP Cost for Ice-based skills,
+50% Ice damage

Against LAW and NEUTRAL Enemies:
CLS-R, LNG-R, and Spell Damage +30%
Final Crit +10%

Feather Wig Incantation -50%, Support stack +1 Freya
Feigned Laughter Death stack +1 Chatterskull
Final Whistle Illusion (Mitama) -50% incantation time, -50% cool-down time, -100% MP cost for all skills Final Whistle Illusion Trumpeter
Fire Banquet Plover Fire +60%, Force/Mind/Nerve cooldown -30% DionysusMada
Fire of God Slash/Fire/Expel +25% Uriel
Five Gorgeous Soldiers HP Cost of all Skills is 0%
Damage of all Slash, Thrust, and Blunt based skills +25%
Chi You
Five Masks Ten Elbows Melee + Lv*0.3%, HP/MP cost -50% OnkotHanuman
Flood Ice stack +1 KelpieMizuchi
Folly's Reason Null interrupt Ameno-Uzume
Friendship of Kagura Spin +30%, Spin cooldown -50% IsoraAzumi
Giant of Creation HP cost -100%, Null Fire/Ice Lv*1% Repel all spells Lv*1% Ubelluris
Giant with the Flaming Sword Slash/Fire +30% Surt
Goat of Atonement Ailment landing rate +20%, Party Lck +10 Azazel
God of Sun Curative +100%, Fire/Electric +50% Amaterasu (M)
Goddess of Sun All Magic +50%, Fire/Electric +50% Amaterasu (F)
Goddess of Darkness Instant Death +15%, Incantation -30% HecatePersephone
Gohei Shell Expel/Death +30%, Repel Thrust Lv*1% Shiki-Ouji
Golden Wing Rush/Shot +30%, Rush/Shot cooldown -30% GarudaGurrSuparnaGodly Golden Winged Bird Garuda
Great God of the Mountain Summoner's HP/MP regeneration + 50
Summoner's Curative received + 100%
Macca/Magnetite earned + 50%.
Great Talent Curative +30%, Curative MP cost -75%, Cooldown -30% AelloCelaenoOcypeteLeader PixieEligor
Guardian of the Kings +30% Fire, +30% Electric, To Summoner, +30 Intelligence Sphinx
Head of the Heavenly Host MP cost -100%, Clench 10% Michael
Healer of God Force/Expel/Curative +25% Rafael
Heat of Demon Emperor Blunt/Fire/Electric/Force +20% Pazuzu
Hell Bike Fire +30%, Force +30%, Vs. Reaper defense +30% Hell Biker
Henjou-Kongou Expel +30%, Death +30%, Mind +30%, MP cost -50% Daisoujou
Hero (Mitama) Critical + 100
Limit Break Power + 40%
HP/MP cost of all skills + 100%
Rush damage + 30%
Rush Stack + 1
Hero Frost Ace
High Spirited Imitation +50% Fire and Thrust damage Void
High Tengu Cooldown -80% Kurama-Tengu
Honest One Ailment +10%, Absorb All Physical Lv*0.3% Mithra
Horse-Headed Maiden Demons Mystic +50%, Null Muddle/Poison Kinnari
Hurricane of Envy Force/Electric damage +50%, HP Cost for Spin skills -100%, Spin damage +30% Seth
Illusion of Worldly Desires HP cost -100%, Mystic damage +30% Illusion of Worldly Desires Mara
Illusion of Death Flies (Mitama) +50% Electric, +100% Death, -100% MP cost for all skills Illusion of Death Flies Beelzebub (Fly)
Immortal Star All Physical Incantation -50%, Null All Physical Lv*0.5% Taraka
Inexperienced (Mitama) XP +60% Inexperienced
Inexperienced God (Mitama) XP +60%. Inexperienced UrielInexperienced RaphaelInexperienced MithraInexperienced ThothInexperienced SatiInexperienced Take-MikazuchiInexperienced OkuninushiInexperienced ArtemisInexperienced ParvatiInexperienced KaliInexperienced SurtInexperienced Loki
Immovable Black Stone Coodown -50%, Curative +50%, Lv *1% Null all Magic Alilat
Intelligent Snake (Mitama) XP +60% Blizzard Jack FrostInferno Pyro JackStormy Pixie
Jeweled Eye -100% HP and MP cost for Fire based skills
-100% HP and MP cost for Electricity based skills
Keen Protector Melee +20%, HP/MP cost -30% Pallas Athena
Keeper Null All Magic Lv*1% CerberusGarmOrthrusPa Bil Sag
King of Dance HP/MP cost -100% Shiva
King of Gehenna The "Black Sun" who lives in the underworld in Babylonian lore.

+30% Close-range Damage and +30% Spell Damage. Black Sun will not inflict knockback on targets. Black Sun stack +1

Knight Bond Null all Magic at (Level * 0.5)%, HP/MP cost -30% Tam Lin
Kuyo (Mitama) Close-range/Long-range/Spell damage + 30%
Fire damage + 50%
Electric damage + 20%
When using Fire-affinity skills:
+20% Technical Attack Power
-100% HP/MP cost
Amaterasu of KuyoBishamonten of Kuyo
Lady of the Black Summoner's Limit Break damage cap +2000, Summoner's Fire/Ice/Electric damage +30% Black Maria
Lightning of Destruction A demon who is proficient at wreaking destruction with lightning.

Electric Skills' LB Chance and Power: +20%

Super Pixie
Lightning Spiral A demon who can control lightning to the point of being able to mold it into a spiral.

Electric Skills' TA Chance: +20%. Electric Skills' TA Power: +20%.

Super Pixie
Linga Samadhi If Shiva is in Party: LB Chance +10% Parvati
Lithe (Mitama) Cooldown -50%, Movement speed +20% (returned to normal during combat) All Nimble demons
Lucky (Mitama) Summoner Lck +30, Macca/Magnetite +30% Lucky AngelLucky DisLucky Hua PoLucky Moh ShuvuuLucky NekomataLucky PixieLucky TitaniaLucky ValkyrieLucky VouivreLucky Datsue-BaLucky Leanan SidheLucky Fortuna
Machine Dragon Magic Defense + (Level * 0.3)
Cool-down time - 50%
While HP is 2 or higher, +15% chance to survive lethal damage
Magic Lantern Fire +30%, Fire stack +1 Pyro Jack
Mystic Thread of Life Mystic +50%, Mystic incantation -50%, Mystic MP cost -50% NornOdinAtroposClothoKudlakLachesisBai Suzhen
Magnificence Crt +150 GaneshaPurskiMishaguji-SamaCatoblepasAndrasCockatrice
Maiden of the Lake Ice +50%, Support + Lvl x 0.5% Vivian
Malice Cluster Death +30%, Death incantation -30%, Death cooldown -30% Datsue-BaGhoulKinguNidhoggrPhantomSpecterPersephone
Marshall King of Wisdom -80% HP cost for all skills, +20% Close-range damage Atavaka
Messenger of God Electric/Expel +30% Gabriel
Might of Curse -50% cooldown, +20% ailments Arachne
Miracle Jam Absorb All Physical Lv*1% Black Ooze
Moment of Brilliance When using Fire-affinity skills,
Fire damage + 50%
Final critical correction + 10%
Fire affinity cap + 50%
Monoceros Thrust +30%, Thrust stack +1, Crt +50 KaichiUnicorn
Mosaic Melee + Lv * 0.3%, Null All Magic Lv * 0.3% Chimera
Muleta Slash/Thrust +30%, Slash/Thrust incantation -50%, Crt +50 MatadorBrave Red Capote Matador
Musical Festival (Mitama) Party Member's Vit/Int/Luck + 20. Demon's movement speed + 20% (returned to normal during combat). Musical Festival High Pixie
Musical Talent Nerve +50%, Incantation -30% KinnariSarasvatiGandharvaNandiDavidTrumpeter
Mysterious Speed Thrust incantation -30%, Thrust cooldown -30%, Thrust HP cost -100% Sleipnir
New Emperor HP cost for all skills is 0%
Cooldown time for all skills is reduced 50%
Limit Break Chance + 10%
Limit Break Power + 60%
Summoner's Close-range/Long-range/Spell damage + 20%.
Night of the rising moon At night: Magic damage and Limit Break power + 30%
During the Full Moon: Magic damage and Limit Break power + 100%
Nightmare of Imitation Mind damage +50%, 100% Resistance to Charm and Sleep Crisis
Nobility All Magic + Lv *0.3%, Cooldown -50% SatiHigh PixieOberonTitaniaParvati
One Who Overcame (Mitama) Close-range, Long-range, Spell damage +30%, Technical Attack Power +10%, -30% Cool-down time for all skills Overcoming Yamata-no-OrochiOvercoming MadaOvercoming Beelzebub (Human)
Opportunistic HP cost -20%, Summoner Vit/Int/Spd +25 Flauros
Origin of White Snake Lady Clench +10%, Intelligence + (Level * 0.5), Cooldown - 30% Bai Suzhen
Perfect Composure Summoner Vit, Int, Lck +25 AerosAquansErthysFlamies
Phantasmagoria Slash/Rush +30%, Rush HP cost -100% Hayagriva
Presence of the Devil's Lamp Fire +30%, HP cost -50%, Cooldown -30% Sarutahiko
Prodigy Almighty +25% Tokisada
Proud Black Critical +100
Fire-based skills + 50%
Blunt-based skills + 25%
When MP is less than 50%, +20% Long-range damage
Blasted Road Hell Biker
Purification Eye Null Nerve, Mind Lv*1% Shiisa
Purification Torrent Ice/Expel +50%, Ice/Expel cooldown -50% Ganga
Queen of Silver Ice Slash/Rush +30%, Rush HP cost - 100% Morrigan
Raging Billows Fire/Ice +30% Yamatano-Orochi
Rainbow Caller Mind +50%, Ailments +30%, Mind cooldown -50% LoaYurlungur
Red and Black Dance Instant Death +10%, Slash cooldown -30%, Slash incantation -30%, Crt +100 DakiniKali
Red Flame Thrust/Fire +30% Berith
Reverse Pentagram Mystic +30%, Mystic MP cost -30% BaphometRuler of the Witches' Sabbath Baphomet
Rich and Bountiful Rome Macca/Magnetite earned + 20%.
MP cost for all skills -75%
Ringing Gold Blunt/Electric +30% Kinki
Ringing Void Rush +30%, Incantation -70% Ongyo-Ki
Ringing Water Blunt/Ice +30% Suiki
Ringing Wind Blunt/Force +30% Fuki
Rising Thunder Electric +50%, Electric cooldown -50% ThorLilimTao WuBeelzebub (Fly)Beelzebub (Human)CoatlicueOnamuchiProud Lord Beelzebub (Fly)
Roar of the Clouds All Magic +25%, Electric +50% Indrajit
Ruler of Delusion Ailment +20%, Int +30 Ose
Sakra Melee +25%, Electric +50% Indra
Savior of the Witches -100% MP cost
Mystic damage + 75%
Scarlet Illusion (Mitama) Incantation time -70%, HP cost -100%, All Status-Changing Skills Success Rate +30% Scarlet Illusion Mother Harlot
Seven Hills of Rome Cool down time -40%, MP Cost -100%, All Status-Changing Skills Success Rate +30% Mother Harlot
Severe Winter Ice +30%, Ice Stack +1 Jack FrostRainbow of Victory Jack Frost
Shadow Technique Attack +100%, Crt +100 CamazotzRakshasaBlack FrostSetantaYomotsu-Ikusa
Shady Eyes Cooldown -30%, MP cost -30%, Null Charm, Null Stone Arahabaki
Shapeless God Nerve/Mind +25%, Ailment +10%, MP cost -100% Nyarlathotep
Shapeshifter Melee/All Magic +10%, Crt +30 LokiTrickster Loki
Shining Star -50% Incantation Time, -50% Cooldown Time, +100% Curative Ishtar
Silver Bow Handgun/Peneterate/Expel +75%, Instant Death +10% Artemis
Silver Hooves HP/MP cost-30%, Summoner Mag/Spd +25 Orobas
Six Pairs of Eye Thrust/Handgun/Penetrate +60% Kartikeya
Sixth Heaven Mystic +50%, MP Cost -100% MaraMara (Amorphous)
Sky Hunter When HP is less than 30% Fire/Ice +100% , Crt +100 Typhon
Solar Hand Fire/Curative +30% Hathor
Soul Biter When HP is less than 30% Pde/Agm +30. Clench 30% ChoronzonMou-RyouPoltergeistWill O'Wisp
Spike Melee +Lv*0.3, Repel All Physical Lv*0.5%, Crt +75 GyukiTarasque
Star God Mind/Nerve incantation -50%, Mind/Nerve cooldown -50% Kaiwan
Stone Monkey HP/MP cost -75% ThothWu Kong
Stone of Obstruction Mind/Nerve +100%, Petrify +90% Mishaguji-Sama
Strong Arm Flash Slash/Blunt +50%, Slash/Blunt incantation -30% GirimehkalaJikokutenKoumokutenZouchouten
Strongest Northern Gate Melee/Fire +25% Bishamonten
Super Jam Null All Physical Lv*1% Slime
Surging Sea Myriad Thunder Thrust/Ice/Electric +25% Susano-o
Sweet White Curative skills are 100% more effective
Curative affinity cap + 50%
Null Paralyze/Bind/Charm/Sleep ailments
Sweet White LakshmiSweet White Jeanne D'ArcSweet White Parvati
The Left Eye of the Moon +50% Force damage
+50% Rapid damage
The Love of God -100% MP cost for Fire-based skills, +75% Fire damage
-50% Cooldown time for Expel-based skills, +50% Expel damage
The One that Fills the Universe Mind/Nerve damage + 50%
Maximum HP + 30%
HP Cost for all skills - 40%
The One Who Reigns over Gluttony +100% Death damage Beelzebub (Fly)Beelzebub (Human)Conquering Beelzebub (Human)Proud Lord Beelzebub (Fly)Manifestation of Lord Beelzebub
The Princeps of the 365 Spheres Summoner's Maximum HP + 300
Summoner's Close-range/Long-range/Magic damage received - 20%
Summoner's Support damage + 5%
The Right Eye of the Sun +50% Spell damage
+50% Shot damage
Three Crows Fire/Force +30%, Fire/Force cooldown -30% Yata-Garasu
Throne of Fire Circle Spin/Fire +25% Throne
Thunder Electric stack +1 NueRaiju
Thundering Attack Attack +50%, Rush incantation -50%, Spin cooldown -50%, Crt +50 CyclopsTitanOkuninushi
Torrent of Imitation Cooldown -70%, Mystic damage +50% Nightmare
Traveler of the Road of Pride -30% hp cost, -50% mp cost, +20% Rush Asura Cerberus
Treachery Nerve stack +1 BicornEmpusa
Trembling Sunlight MP cost -100%, Party HP/MP regen +10 Lakshmi
True Form Repel All Physical Lv*1% InugamiShikigami
Tunnel Drive Mind stack +1 AlpCu SithIncubusSuccubusYakkha
Turbulent Wind Force +50%, Force cooldown -50% JinnKresnikQuetzalcoatl
Underworld Sender Nerve +50%, Nerve cooldown -50%, Nerve MP cost -50% Vetala
Unlucky Offspring Spin +30%, Ailments +30%, Crt +50 Black RiderPale RiderRed RiderWhite RiderAcheriVritraEdimmu
Veil of Truth Absorb Almighty Lv*1% Isis
Violent Flash Blunt/Electric +30% Thor
Wandering Death When HP is less than 50% Crt +200 , When HP is less than 30% Crt +50, When HP is less than 30% All Magic +100% Legion
War Goddess HP/MP cost -30%, Cooldown -30% Badb CathaMachaScathachValkyrie
Wargod's Power Slash/Fire/Force/Electric +25% Take-MinakataTake-Mikazuchi
Warrior's Honor Attack/Rush +30%, Suicide + 100%, Rush incantation -30% NarasimhaMomunofu
Wheels of Fate Demon's Luck increases by 5 for each party member
Party members' luck increases by 10
Spin Damage +30%
White Majesty A symbol of hope and glory.

+25% Close-range damage
-50% HP Cost
Summoner's HP/MP Cost -30%

White Transformation HP cost -30%, Cooldown -40% Kresnik
Wind of Revenge Counter + 100%, Rapid cooldown -50% Furiae
Wing of Five Poison Null Poison, Ailments +90% Zhen
Wing of Malice Mystic +50%, All Ailment +20%, Support +Lvl*1 Samael
Winter Hunter Handgun+30%, Penetrate+30%, Ice+30%, Crit+30 SkadiHuntress Skadi
Winter Shogun Rush +30%, Spin +30%, Ice +50% TrollKing Frost
Wonder Jam Repel All Physical Lv*1% Blob
Woodland Arrowhead Handgun/Spread damage + 100%
Penetrate damage + 20%
Wrathful Roar Rush/Spin +50% Makami
Yamato Nadeshiko Ice/Electric/Curative +30%, Ice/Electric/Curative cooldown -30% Kushinada-Hime
Zealous Horsemen Incantation -30%, Cooldown -30%, Fire MP cost -100% Dawon
Extreme Red Color (Mitama) Fire affinity +40%, Fire absorb +25%, Almighty affinity -20%, MP cost +5%. Colored KodamaColored MithraColored Jack FrostColored BarongColored SlimeColored Flauros
Extreme Blue Color (Mitama) Ice affinity +40%, Ice absorb +25%, Almighty affinity -20%, MP cost +5%. Colored KodamaColored MithraColored Jack FrostColored BarongColored SlimeColored Flauros
Extreme Yellow Color (Mitama) Electric affinity +40%, Electric absorb +25%, Almighty affinity -20%, MP cost +5%. Colored KodamaColored MithraColored Jack FrostColored BarongColored SlimeColored Flauros
Extreme Green Color (Mitama) Force affinity +40%, Force absorb +25%, Almighty affinity -20%, MP cost +5%. Colored KodamaColored MithraColored Jack FrostColored BarongColored SlimeColored Flauros
Open-Mind (Mitama) Digitalize Points +10%, Experience +20%, Expertise +10% Open-Minded TajikaraoOpen-Minded RafaelOpen-Minded LakshmiOpen-Minded KresnikOpen-Minded LokiOpen-Minded LilithOpen-Minded Ishtar
Innocent (Mitama) Summoner's Expertise points earned + 150% Innocent CerberusInnocent Jack FrostInnocent Lilim the Little DemonInnocent Tam Lin
War Crier (Mitama) Increases 20 Strength, Magic and Speed to party members. War Cry Asura Cerberus
Superpowered (Mitama) Limit Break power + 30%, Summoner Limit Break power + 30%, Digitalize Points + 10% Superpowered SethSuperpowered FenrirSuperpowered AndrasSuperpowered Cerberus
Intelligent (Mitama) Intelligence +15, Cooldown -30% Intelligent ThothIntelligent HathorIntelligent ApisIntelligent SphinxIntelligent Anubis
Young (Mitama) Movement speed increases by 20%. Young UnicornYoung Bicorn
Rapture (Mitama) Summoner's Strength, Magic, and Speed + 20, Luck + 10. [[Crazy Moh Shuvuu]] • Crazy NyxCrazy Susano-o
Illusion of Love (Mitama) 0 HP/MP cost when using fire skills, +50% Fire damage, Cooldown for all skills -50% Illusion of Love Seraph
Illusion of Recitation (Mitama) -30% HP Cost to summoner, +30% Spin damage, +50% Nerve damage Illusion of Recitation Gomory
Illusion of the Saint (Mitama) HP cost -100%. Cooldown -50%. Curative affinity +100%. Illusion of the Saint Jeanne D'Arc
Holy Angel A demon that symbolizes the Holy Spirit. Lvl x 0.3% Null Magic. Expel-based attacks are 50% more effective. Cooldown -25% Holy Night Angel
Holy Nightmare A nightmare who appears on the Holy Night. +100% Attack Damage
When using Ice or Fire skills, +30% Final Crit.
Santa Black Frost
Children of Everlasting Summer Fire Drain + (Lv x 1%), Fire Incantation and Cooldown -70%. Akuma AngelAkuma ArahabakiAkuma HelAkuma HresvelgrAkuma Inexperienced MothmanAkuma King FrostAkuma LilithAkuma OdinAkuma Ose
Fiery (Mitama) Critical +150. Fire-based skills are 50% more effective. Fiery GirimehkalaFiery KartikeyaFiery Tokisada
The Conqueror (Mitama) Close-range, Long-range, and Spell damage +30%. Technical Attack Power +20%. -30% Cool-down time for all skills Conquering Beelzebub (Human)Conquering MadaConquering Yamata-no-Orochi
Heaven Piercing (Mitama) Max HP + 30%, Critical + 50, Experience - 30%. Heaven Piercing BaphometHeaven Piercing GyukiHeaven Piercing ChoronzonHeaven Piercing OnmorakiHeaven Piercing Cait SithHeaven Piercing PoltergeistHeaven Piercing MachaHeaven Piercing TrollHeaven Piercing GhoulHeaven Piercing UbellurisHeaven Piercing Jack FrostHeaven Piercing Slime