Nakano Boundless Domain

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Nakano Boundless Domain

One of three dungeons located in Nakano.



Normal Run:

  • DB License class B, LV 70



  • A Class Devil Buster (♀): Dungeon entrance.
  • A Class Devil Buster (♂): Appears at Boss room after defeat boss.



  • The number of party members is the same as your number of floors, so 1 person = 1 floor.
  • Each floor is divided into nine small rooms equally divided into 3 × 3 squares.
  • Rooms are separated by doors, and when you kill the enemies the door to the next room opens (Except the door to the center)
  • To enter the center room you need to unlock the protection guard on the door.
  • In the center, treasure chest appears after kill the enemies. You get orbs that can be used in Cave of Life in Nakano or Cats eye.
  • Transfer devices to proceed to the next floor appear randomly in any room.
  • Once you advance to the next floor, you can not return to the previous floor except in the pitfalls .


  • Dark traps affect the whole room and can be solved with Cats Eye.
  • Traps that someone has stepped on already can be seen.
  • When falling into a pitfall, the enemies will reappear.
  • There is some random damaging floor which causes ailments too.
  • There is also random warp floors that teleport you to another room.

Center Room:

  • The conditions for releasing any door on all sides are the same.
  • By using " WTC" you can unconditionally open the door to center.
    • 1st floor: A specific stat at 50 or more.
    • 2nd floor: A specific combat expertise at 4-0 or more. (Attack · Spin · Rush) or (Shot · Rapid) or (Destruction Magic · Curse Magic)
    • 3th floor: A specific LNC attribute (Law / Neutral / Chaos)
    • 4th floor: A specific production chain expertise at 2-0 or more. (synther) or (swordsmith) or (arms maker) or (craftsmanship)
    • 5th floor: Kill enemies of the eight rooms around.

Boss room:

  • Atavaka spawns with a large ammount of enemies.
  • Sarasvati and Kinnari use dodge with high frequency.
    • Nerve and Mind are extremely effective for Atavaka.
    • Electricity is effective against Sarasvati and Kinnari


End Chest


  • This run gives colored orbs that can be exchanged at the Chamber of Life in Nakano or Book of Guardians that can be traded for "Desert Area Study Record" valuable.
    • After that, talk to Class A Devil Buster (♀) at entrance to get Atavaka plugin.
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