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It is a weekly system where all players from the server participates choosing a demon to "protect" and meanwhile "attack" his rivals.

Location and Entry

Located at:

  • Gomory at Shinjuku: (x20, y21)
    • Quick way to Gomory is by teleporting to nearby TMG Building and walking there

Participation conditions:

  • Must be Lvl 75 or higher
  • Must have a DB license class A.

How to participate

1) Speak to Gomory in Shinjuku Field and pledge to a demon for the week.


Demon Pledge
Demon Icon Indra.png
Demon Icon Mishaguji-Sama.png
Demon Icon Kresnik.png
Demon Icon Indrajit.png
Demon Icon Kudlak.png
2) After making your weekly pledge, when speaking again to Gomory you will be given the option to either go to the Eternal World or exchange Kauri.
Choose "The Eternal World".

3) Inside the Eternal World various colored doors/pillars will be available with each leading to a different demon rival area (as seen below) and is distinct depending on your weekly pledge.

4) Choose a door/pillar to fight in.
  • NOTE: The same color door/pillar as your pledge is the exit.

5) Once inside you have 60 seconds before the battle begins.

After that timer, demons will begin to spawn and you have 10 minutes to kill as much as you can with the allowed affinity of your pledged demon.
With enough kills the rival demon pledge will spawn as an enemy. Kill this rival demon and the affinity restriction will be lifted (and more Bethel awarded to you).
  • NOTE: Changes in affinity can occur multiple times throughout the run so plan accordingly.

6) When the battle finishes you will get a set number of "Bethel" for your contribution in the fight.
The bethel you have acquired from your contributions will affect the Pentalpha contribution page in favor of your pledged demon, with the most bethel earned by the weekly reset being the winner and awarded with Kauri.

Additional Notes

  • If you disconnect before the timer is up and reconnect after the timer has concluded you will not be rewarded with Bethel.
  • There is no Macca or Magnetite drops however you may use the run to get emblems or XP.


Points that you can earn by participating in Pentalpha.

Collected Bethel can be exchanged for various items at your weekly demon choice NPC.

Bethel Shop

Exchange with your pledged demon:

Bethel # Blue Purple Green Yellow Red
Demon Icon Indra.png Demon Icon Mishaguji-Sama.png Demon Icon Kresnik.png Demon Icon Indrajit.png Demon Icon Kudlak.png
120 Orb of Promise(Loop)
1000 Ymir Hair
1100 Orb of Promise(Loop) x10
1500 Ymir Dirt
10,000 Orb of Promise(Loop) x100
25,000 Summon PG: Indra Summon PG: Mishaguji-sama Summon PG: Kresnik Summon PG: Indrajit Summon PG: Kudlak
30,000 魔降玉【蓮】 魔降玉【魔鷲】 魔降玉【虹】 魔降玉【韋駄天】 魔降玉【毒】
45,000 裏内符・摂理 裏内符・魅力 裏内符・信条 裏内符・名誉 裏内符・復活
60,000 DCM: Indra DCM: Mishaguji-sama DCM: Kresnik DCM: Indrajit DCM: Kudlak
90,000 Epitaph Parts
Epitaph Parts
Epitaph Parts
Epitaph Parts
Epitaph Parts
90,000 Epitaph Parts
Epitaph Parts
Epitaph Parts
Epitaph Parts
Epitaph Parts
150,000 Icon Plugin.pngIndra Icon Plugin.pngMishaguji-Sama Icon Plugin.pngKresnik Icon Plugin.pngIndrajit Icon Plugin.pngKudlak


It is a point separately from Bethel points which can be earned depending on the degree of contribution in the weekly war.

Collected Kauri can exchange with various benefits by handing it to Gomory.

At the original server Kauri was paid always at Mondays noon at 11:36 , and your weekly demon contract was finished, so you have to make another contract after that.

Kauri Shop

  • Status point + 2: 300 Kauri
  • Soul Stone: 600 Kauri
  • Essence of yetzirah: 800 Kauri
  • Ymir Blood: 800 Kauri and 25000 of each Bethel
  • Plugin Trickster Loki: 1000 Kauri and 20000 of each Bethel
  • Plugin Asura Cerberus: 1000 Kauri and 30000 of each Bethel
  • Summon PG Trickster Loki: 1000 Kauri
  • Summon PG Asura Cerberus: 1200 Kauri
  • Shinjuku Map: 30 Kauri

Weekly Demons and Mobs resistances

Demon resistances differ however almighty, support, and suicide damage are specifically resisted by all demons.

NOTE: Not all resistances are confirmed and could be wrong. Please let us know in #wiki-issues if any of the resistances are incorrect

  • Blue / Indra: Enemies can nullifies thrust, blunt, handgun, fire, electric, shock and mystic affinities randomly
  • Purple / Mishaguji: Enemies can nullifies thrust, blunt, penetrate, electric, force and nerve affinities randomly
  • Green / Kresnik: Enemies can nullifies slash, blunt, spread, ice, force and mind affinities randomly
  • Yellow / Indrajit: Enemies can nullifies slash, thrust, handgun, fire, electric and nerve affinities randomly
  • Red / Kudlak: Enemies can nullifies slash, thrust, penetrate, ice, force and mystic affinities randomly


  • Special thanks to IGN: Zaivan for helping contribute to this page.
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