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This is the Wiki for the Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE Online private server ReIMAGINE. If you wish to help editing the wiki and need an account please contact a GM on our Discord server.


General Advice

If you are editing English terminology please make sure to use terminology that is in use in the ReIMAGINE client and translation.

Please don't use images hosted on third-party websites as they are at risk of just up and vanishing some day. If you have image files you want to use please upload them at Special:Upload.

Please note that vandalism will not be tolerated and will result in immediate, irrevocable suspension of your wiki account, and perhaps even further consequences on the Discord or Game servers.



A vast amount of the images on the wiki are hosted on imgur or imagehosts that either no longer exist or no longer host the linked files. It's a pretty huge task but as you edit articles please check if the images in the articles are hosted on our wiki or on a third party site or broken and if the latter two options please locate the correct image file and upload it to our wiki and embed it into the page properly.

ReIMAGINE Custom Content

It is up to the editors and users to accumulate information about custom content so that the fun of discovering the new content and understanding how it works is up to the players. You are free to create articles for custom content and use Talk pages for speculation. After some time has passed the ReIMAGINE staff will usually confirm exactly how the custom content works.