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[Technique] An Expertise Skill that breaks down your opponent's Guard and unleashes a mighty blow.
Strong against: Guard
Weak against: Attack, Counter
Side-effects: Skill #/up, Damage/up, Incantation time/down

Can be increased up to Class 7


Requirements to unlock: None.

This Expertise affects Magic Fist by 30%.
This Expertise affects Rampage by 20%.


Skill Icon Vulcan Hit.png Vulcan Hit Default Active Weapon-based Rush - HP 5% A hit that threatens to break their defense.

Deals varying damage to one enemy, depending on weapon type.

Skill Icon Asura Charge.png Asura Charge 1-0 Active Weapon-based Rush 1
(Select 1)
HP 7% Charges like Asura and barrages an enemy with weapon-based damage in a rain of carnage.
Skill Icon Heaven's Gate.png Heaven's Gate Active Weapon-based Rush HP 2% Jumps and attacks from the air with fists and inflicts the enemy with damage based on the weapon.
Skill Icon Max HP UP.png Max HP UP 2-5 Passive Special Curative 1 - Passive Skill that increases Max HP. (Max HP +30, HP Regen + 2)
Skill Icon Self-Explosion (Expertise).png Self-Explosion 3-0 Active Self-Explosion Rush 1 HP 100% Put your heart and soul into a big blow

Although user dies, all enemies in a straight line receive suicide based damage according to their HP.

Skill Icon Max HP UP.png Max HP UP 4-5 Passive Special Curative 1 - Passive Skill that increases Max HP. (Max HP +30, HP Regen + 2)
Skill Icon Tyrannical Jaw.png Tyrannical Jaw 5-0 Active Weapon-based Rush 1 HP 4% Break your foe's defense, then deliver a blow from behind. Deals varying damage to one enemy, depending on weapon type.
Skill Icon Blade of the King Beast.png Blade of the King Beast 7-0 Active Weapon-based Rush 1
(Select 1)
HP 2% An attack of quite violent brutality, like a wild beast armed with a sword. Although weak in impact, blows can be delivered in rapid succession. Delivers weapon-based damage to a single enemy.
Skill Icon Vulcan Hit (Strong).png Vulcan Hit (Strong) Active Weapon-based Rush HP 10% An attack that puts your entire body and soul into a single blow. Delivers weapon-based damage to a single enemy.

Check here for reference data.

How to Train Expertise

  • Use a cheap close-range weapon you can purchase from the NPC, Sword of Etude, or Blade of Etude to raise Expertise.
  • Ideal training area with quick spawn locations are:
    1. Slime in the Virtual Battle.
    2. Lost Hua Po in Suginami. [X15:Y21] or [X16:Y19].
    3. Kodama in Nakano. [X14:Y19].
    4. Apsaras in Shinagawa. [X22:Y17] between 6:00 to 18:00.
    5. High Pixie in Home III COMP Hack 1-A. They use AoE (Area of Effect) healing spells to heal each other and if 1 is defeated, another High Pixie will respawn quickly.
      • You'll need 20 ~ 40 Agi and Bufu Stones for the 2nd room if you are alone. The Kodama can be damaged with elemental spells only.
      • The COMP hack is a nice private location without anyone interrupting your training.
  • Alternately, you can raise the Expertise without killing if you have "Lord of Armor" and any demon with a decent healing spell. Go to Shibuya and find either an Ocypete or Aello. Punch Ocypete to repel Blunt or slash Aello with either Blade of Etude or Sword of Etude to repel Slash. This method is best if un-equip everything except for Expertise gain. Lord of Armor gives the player null knockback therefore you can continuously to hit the bird without being pushed back.

Skills Learned by Reward

Skill Icon Spear.png Spear Active Penetrate Rush 15% HP ? Exchange: 100 Masakadus to Gomory in Suginami
Skill Icon Mega Strike.png Mega Strike Active Mind Rush 8% HP ? Exchange: 200 Masakadus to Gomory in Suginami (See Diaspora page for additional requirements)

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