Sacred Soul

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How to Fuse

  • Sacred Souls are unique in that they require 2 different elements to create them. The elements are listed below.

How to Fuse

Result Element 1 Element 2
Aramitama Erthys Aquans
Aeros Flamies
Nigimitama Erthys Aeros
Kushimitama Aeros Aquans
Flamies Erthys
Sakimitama Aquans Flamies

gONLqeV.png Aramitama

Main article: Aramitama

wnjUw4J.png Nigimitama

Main article: Nigimitama

kGc9twt.png Kushimitama

Main article: Kushimitama

8zsnq2u.png Sakimitama

Main article: Sakimitama

Sacred Soul
Demons Aramitama • Nigimitama • Kushimitama • Sakimitama
Variations None
Limited None
Enemy None
Event None

Demonic Compendium
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