Shinagawa Ice Cave

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Shinagawa Ice Cave


  • Knight Templar
    • Shinagawa (X24, Y20)


  • Lvl 50 (Need C-Class DB license )



Sells valuable: 未点火の山羊印カンテラ

NOTE: To purchase the valuable click on the option in Japanese.
  • First time: 2000 Macca
  • Next time, based on alignment:


An NPC used to turn in 7 Frozen Shadows for Enhanced Skadi's plugin.

Jack Frost

An NPC used to turn in Crimson Mother of Pearl Heels for Nyx's plugin.

Templar Knight Tsubaki

Allows entry into the dungeon after purchasing the valuable, 未点火の山羊印カンテラ from Yagiya.'


Normal Run

  • Players must first purchase the valuable, 未点火の山羊印カンテラ from Yagiya to enter the dungeon
  • Speak to Templar Knight Tsubaki to begin the dungeon.
  • The time limit of this dungeon is 10 minutes.
  • Players can ignore enemies as they run from cave to cave.
    • Inside each cave, in order to progress all demons must be eliminated.
  • Within floors 3 to 5 a mysterious demon will appear, and will disappear when approached.
    • A random bad or good status may accompany its disappearance.
    • If the mysterious demon does not disappear, demons within the cave will be completely invincible.
    • Players equipped with "Blue Poppy" or "Grandis" can ignore the damage invalidation by the four elements affinities.

Boss Battle:

  • Fountain of Life Norn
    • NOTE:
      • Like in the rest of the dungeon, shadows may null some magic or physical skills.

True Run(?)

  • Present Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos in order to the plasmas along the way.

Boss Battle:

  • Norn, Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos


Boss Battle:


Rewards may increase based off shorter clear times.

End Chest:

Rare Reward:


Rare Reward:

Mining rewards

Mining rewards are rewards given when clicking on the ice walls on player's way out of the dungeon.

  • These rewards are random and differ depending on each day of the week.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Runestones (small, medium or large) Courage Endurance Fate Destruction Travel Knowledge Harvest
Tinted Rosaries Expel Magic Fire Ice Force Electric Death
Zodiac Soul Stones Soul Stone: The Lion Soul Stone: The Crab Soul Stone: The Ram Soul Stone: The Twins Soul Stone: The Archer Soul Stone: The Scales Soul Stone: The Goat
Solar System Soul Stones Earth Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn
Sacred Relics Egg of Pangu Platinum Spirit Money Crown of the Abyss Rheingold Mithril Wheel Cintamani Ark of the Law

Important Notes:

  • Mining Rewards are unaffected by clear times.
    • These rewards are optional and can only be mined depending on the number of party members who entered the dungeon.
    • If equipped with "Blue Poppy" or "Grandis", the number of mining is +4.
  • Any Norn boss can drop Plug-in item rarely. Give it to "Stingy man" NPC in Nakano (X17, Y19)
  • Nyx boss can drop Plug-in item rarely.

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