Shinjuku Babel

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Shinjuku Babel
Location Shinjuku Babel (2).300.png
Exit(s) Nakano (14,17)
Ichigaya (27,21)
Shibuya (24,27)
Shinjuku Docks (21,21)
Shinjuku Residential Area (21,21)
Protopia (21,19)
Shinjuku (17,26)

Shinjuku Babel is the main area of operation working towards Tokyo's renewal. It is a tower standing at 3000 meters in height with 666 floors. Shinjuku Babel is also the home of the Central Control room, which is the center for all Demon Buster operations.



Shinjuku Docks

The entrance to the docks can be found by talking to the Elevator Attendant in the center of Shinjuku Babel.

Shinjuku Residential Area

The entrance to the Residential Area can be found by talking to the Elevator Attendant in the center of Shinjuku Babel.


Cathedral of Shadows (16,20)

Rag's Shop (18,19)

Tanny Weapon Shop (Weapon Shop) (17,22)

Vicious (Armor Shop) (18,24)

Shinjuku Curious (Magic Shop) (23,19)

Shirakami Pharmacy (Pharmacy) (24,19)

Onmoraki's Wonderful Emporium (Beans exchange) (23,21)


Demon Busters

DB Okabe

He will teach you how to mount demons and give you a Nimble Cerberus along with a Leifred Intaglio.


DB Saito

Will comment on how much DB are called on.


DB Watanabe

Will comment on Demon cards, he also has COMP problems.


Card Maniacs

Card Maniac (Yellow Shirt)

He wants some Card sets.


Card Maniac (Female wearing jeans)

She wants card sets.


Card Maniac (Male wearing black shirt)

He wants card sets.


Card Maniac (Male wearing black hat)

He wants card sets


Card Maniac (Female wearing black dress)

She wants card sets.



Guard 1 (Nakano Exit)

Just your helpful city guard.


Guard 1 (North from the Innocent (M))

He will let you enter the control room if you have a DB License.


Guard 1 (Ichigaya Exit)

Just your helpful city guard.



Innocent (M) (Corner of Home Point Square)

He will welcome you to the second level commercial district.

Innocent (M) (Top of stairs)

Will tell you the height of the tower.


Innocent (Behind Terminelle)

Will give you access to the Teleporter Room to get to Protopia.
Requires a DB License to enter.

Demon Snack Salesman

He will sell Demon Snacks to you.


Man Fleeing His Past(17,18)

He is the husband you are looking for.


Saint Germain

Will teach you some about Magic.


Terminelle (By Weapon and Armor shops)

Let you use the terminal.


Elevator Attendant

Will take you to Shinjuku Docks.


Messian (Shibuya Exit)

The Messian will teach you about the Messian Church and offer a map of Shinagawa. For those who are high enough level and/or have at least some leanings towards Law alignment, she will give the map data for free. For everyone else, she might ask for a donation of 5,000 or 10,000 , depending on how far away your alignment is from Law.


Gaian Priest

The Gaian Priest will offer you the map to Ueno, for a donation. His price is 10,000 if you are Chaos, 20,000 if you are Neutral, or 30,000 if you are Law.


Masterly Dwarf

Will teach you all about crafting.


Terminelle (by Masterly Dwarf)

Allows access to your storage.

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