Shinjuku Docks: B11

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Shinjuku Docks: B11
Exit(s) Shinjuku Babel (21,20)

A field that is only accessible from Shinjuku Babel. Players may enter by speaking with DB Ayame in Shinjuku Babel (21,20).

Level Requirement

  • 50 (Need C-Class DB License)

Area Map


  • Enemies here drop Fragment of the Tablet of Destiny.
  • Nozuchi may appear at any one of four locations (see the map above). They despawn in about 20 seconds.
  • In three specific rooms (noted by the red circles on the map), you may use Fragments of the Tablet of Destiny to spawn enemies.
    • When you first enter the room, you are prompted to use 3, 9, 30, or 100 fragments.
    • Using more fragments will spawn stronger demons.
      • NOTE 1: If you have fewer than 9 fragments, you will automatically use 3.
      • NOTE 2: If you have fewer than 3 fragments, nothing will spawn.
    • Upon defeating the enemies, treasure chests will spawn. Inside the chests will be a Tablet of Destiny (Top/Middle/Bottom).
  • Once you collect all three Tablet of Destiny pieces, DB Ayame will appear. Speak with her to complete the run and return to Shinjuku Babel.
  • Speak to DB Ayame again to turn in the Tablet of Destiny pieces and receive XP based on what enemies you encountered.
  • Purski, Kingu, Anzu, and Wu Kong have a chance to drop their respective plugin item. Give them to DB Ayame to receive the plugin.


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