Shinjuku Docks: Deep Levels

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Floors B13F and B14F in Shinjuku Docks.


How to Enter:


  • The map is vast and there are many places where enemies appear and congregate.
  • To proceed, you will only need to clear specific marked rooms.
    • You can go straight to B14F once you cleared Chain Of Curse Act 7.
  • Some doors are opened by defeating the enemies of a specific area.
    • After "Chain of Curse" Act 7, new enemies and bosses are added within these areas with a reward box also becoming available..


  • When you kill enemies at the marked rooms 1, 2, 3 and 4 of B14F (see the map below), the doors at 20/32 & 20/13 can be opened and one rider randomly appears.
    • The other two doors at 21/28 & 21/9 open if you clear the east side of the map just as you did on the west side.

Pale Rider appearance condition:

  • It is necessary to kill the riders in this order:
  1. Red Rider
  2. White Rider
  3. Black Rider.
  • If you do not meet the conditions for the Pale Rider, a cut scene will show when the third Rider dies and reward boxes will appear.

B14 Map

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