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Location Souhonzan (1).300.png
Exit(s) Ueno (17, 28)

Souhonzan is the city where those of the Chaos alignment gather.


The Souhonzan Map is obtained through the quest Find the Map of Souhonzan! in Ueno.


Cathedral of Shadows

Contains Yagiya, Master of the Cathedral of Shadows and Demonic Researcher.

Buy Demonic Compendium Memory



Full Moon or 7/8 Moon

full moon only




Demon(Armor Shop)

Armor shop in Souhonzan.
Clothing: Deimon
Accessory: Servant
Four Sisters Hairstylist: Izumi

Ueno Curiosities(Magic Shop)

Robed Man
Grandpa M

Manji Pharmacy(Pharmacy)

Pharmacy in Souhonzan. Manji Taro is the shopkeep.

Sengoku Weapon Shop(Weapon Shop)



DB Kureha

A Demon Buster. He acts very cold.

Location: Beside Card Maniac Gaian.

Grandpa in Souhonzan

Grandpa that lives in Souhonzan.

Location: Beside Reckless Man

DB Micchi

A Demon Buster that is puzzled. She seems to know your name...

Location: (?)

Card Maniac Gaian

Gaian that is addicted to Demon Card collecting.

Location: Beside DB Kureha

Card list:-

  • Four Spirits of the Soul
  • Guardians of the East
  • Guardians of the West
  • Guardians of the South
  • Guardians of the North

DB Sakamoto

A Demon Buster who is hesitant about killing demons.

Location: (?)

Demon Snack Salesman

Demon Snack Seller. He seems quite a cheerful person.

Location: Near the Junk Collector

Sell : Vanilla & Natto Beans Demon Snack + 1 random Demon Card - 300 macca

Gaian Priest

A Gaian that guard beside the Entrance and Exit of Souhonzan. He can tell you about Souhonzan.

Location: By the entrance/exit of Souhonzan

Gaian Priest (2)

A Gaian that guard the entrance of Fu'un Castle. He will allow you to enter if you have something...

Location:In front of the Fu'un Castle entrance

Gaian Priest: Ningen

A Gaian who had devoted on Gaian's life.

Location: Beside Yoshikuni the Gaian


Gaian Priest: Sakon

Guardian of the gate of the Fu'un castle. Dislike the Messians and wish to ward them off from Souhonzan.

Location: Beside Gaian Priest: Ukon.


Gaian Priest: Ukon

Guardian of the gate of the Fu'un castle. Tells you how you should behave in Fu'un Castle.

Location: Beside Gaian Priest: Sakon

Home point girl

  • The home point girl will give you a Gaia's Traesto no more than once a every 24 real world hours if your clan base is in Souhonzan.
  • She will apply a Incense of Experience (3x) every six hours for those of the Chaos alignment with homepoints set in Souhonzan.
  • She will charge you 50,000 macca to use the Teleportation system.

Location:Beside Yaginuma

Junk Collector

A Junk Collector. He likes to make all sorts of things out of junk. He will gladly take your items that looks useful.

Location: Beside Demon Snack Salesman

Pleading Gaian Priest

A Gaian that need funds to help their conquest.

Location:Next to Magic shop


  • 50,000 macca
  • 10,000 macca
  • 5,000 macca
  • 1,000 macca
    • NOTE: If you are more than 3/4 of the way to full Chaos, he will not take any further donations.


  • Require 4,000 macca
  • Bless (Halves XP loss after resurrection for 120 minutes/2 hours).

Reckless Man

A man who lives in Souhonzan.

Location: Beside Grandpa in Souhonzan

Quest: A Simple Quandary: (Cases 1 - 6)


Allows you to access your item and demon storage, purchase of extra storage and demon storage and Clan Key. Also allows you to rent a motorbike or buy a motorbike ticket.

Location: Near Cathedral of the Shadows


Teach about PvP and also a PvP registration clerk.

Location: Near Home Point

Yoshikuni the Gaian

Tells you a bit about the Gaian base before the Great Destruction

Location: Beside Gaian Priest: Ningen

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