Suginami Sewers

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Abandoned sewage plant infested by demons


Suginami Field - Coordinates X19, Y23


While access to the store is for members only, they might make an exception for strong Demon Busters.


The toxicity in the dungeon will create special ailments on the players and demons and will continuously pile up as time progresses.
The toxic meter can be lowered by 2 levels once with an NPC inside and it will require 6 666 Hack Chips as payment.
Support-based damage by ally players and demons is reduced.


Part 1: The Sewers

  • As soon you enter, there is a corpse of an Arcadian soldier nearby, interacting with him will start the dungeon and enemies will spawn.
  • Once all waves are cleared, a new door will be open where Ariochs will spawn. Once the spawns are cleared, go to the next area.
  • New slimes will appear and you will fight 4 waves of them. Once cleared, return to the previous room and go to the new path open.
  • Isoras will spawn, to the left there is an NPC that will lower 2 toxic levels once. Once all Isoras are dead, go to the room below.
  • Interact with the Gaian corpse and it will spawn Pale Rider. If you take too long, he will call a group of Slimes to aid him in battle (but you can seal him to prevent it from happening). Once Pale Rider dies, you can leave the room.
  • Return to where you fought the Slimes for the first time and you will notice that the closed door is now opened.
  • Keep progressing until you find a vortex; the vortex will take you out of the sewers. Clear all stacked toxic levels and fight the boss.
Level 1 Increases damage taken by 100%
Level 2 Damage dealt reduced by 100%
Level 3 Final critical correction reduced by 20%
Level 4 Incantation and Cooldown increased by 100%
Level DIE Player's HP/MP reduced by 99%
Demon Resistances
Failed Fusion (Black Ooze) Block all but almighty
Failed Fusion (Blob) Weaknesses: Fire
Resistances: Almighty

Failed Fusion (Slime) Weaknesses: Fire
Resistances: Almighty

Ichimokuren Weaknesses: Electricity, Thrust, Mystic
Resistances: Almighty

Arahabaki 50% chance of drain any damage but almighty, weak to everything
Arioch Weaknesses: Fire, Penetrate, Mystic

Blue Slime (Version A) Weaknesses: Slash, Thrust, Blunt, Expel
Resistances: Handgun, Penetrate, Spread, Fire, Ice, Force, Electricity, Almigthy

Blue Slime (Version B) Weaknesses: Handgun, Penetrate, Spread, Expel
Resistances: Slash, Blunt, Thrust, Fire, Ice, Force, Electricity, Almighty

Golden Slime Weaknesses: Fire, Ice, Electricity, Force, Expel
Resistances: Slash, Blunt, Thrust, Handgun, Penetrate, Spread

Isora Weaknesses: Fire

Pale Rider Resistances: Handgun, Penetrate, Spread, Thrust
Nulls: Slash, Blunt, other affinities has a small chance to block damage
Absorbs: Fire, Mind

Part 2: The Toxic Source

  • The fight is segmented into 4 rounds and each round will trigger after a portion of Belphegor's HP is lowered. After this, he will become invincible. In order to progress, you need to loot Purify ores and use them on the piles of innocents in the corners.
  • Round 1: Defeat the spawning Principality and loot the ore to purify a pile of innocents.
  • Round 2: A group of Slimes and Ichimokuren will spawn, defeat them and use the ores to purify a pile of innocents.
  • Round 3: A file of lights will spawn; each light will spawn a group of enemies. Once all enemies are dead, you can then purify a pile of innocents.
  • Round 4: More waves of Slime will spawn. Once all of them are down, purify the last pile of innocents.
Demon Resistances
Belphegor Resistances: Almighty



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