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[Technique] An Expertise Skill for summoning demons.
Side-effects: Skill #/up, Summon Speed/up

Can be increased up to Class 2


Requirements to Unlock: None

Skill Icon Expert Summon.png Expert Summon 0-5 Passive Special Curative 1 - A superior summoning technique. Passive Skill that raises Summoning Speed.
Skill Icon Summon Overdrive.png Summon Overdrive 1-0 Active Support Curative 1 10 MP Send your COMP into overdrive. The ability to summon demons in succession temporarily.
File:Skill Icon .png Expert Summon 2-0 Switch Special Curative 1 - A superior summoning technique. Passive Skill that raises Summoning Speed. (+30 Summoning Speed, +10% HP/MP Cost)

Check here for reference data.

How to Train Expertise

  • Contract 2 low Level demon, recommended if they are the same major (Law/Neutral/Chaos) Alignment as you, and Summon between those 2 to raise the Expertise.
    • You can also perform Level 1 Rebirth to reset their Level to 1 and lower their Magnetite cost.
    • In the "Demon Menu", drag the Demon Icon and add it to your Hot-key Command to easily Summon them without Double-clicking all the time at the demon list.
    • If you ran low on Magnetite, do a Denshi Kairo run to fill some up. You can buy some provided you had enough money to spare.

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