Survival Techniques

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[Knowledge] An Expertise Skill for survival know how.
Side-effects: Defend Critical Hits/up, reduced wear on armor

Can be increased up to Class 7


Requirements to Unlock: None

This Expertise affects Retaliation Chain Expertise by 40%.
This Expertise affects Spiritual Mixing.

How to Train Expertise

  • Your Character must actually activate the appropriate defense against enemy attacks to raise the Expertise. You do not need to raise Guard, Counter, or Dodge Expertise (Unless you're planning to raise them as well).
  • Unequip all your gear and provoke a Gaki in the Virtual Battle. Lure him to the closest corner and use Counter over again.
    • Reason for unequipping, you will lose Durability over time and won't bother anyone else in the room.
  • Provoke 1 or 2 Kissy Pixie in Suginami around [X19:Y21] and use Dodge over again. Be courtesy to share the Pixie if someone else wants to train.

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