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[Technique] An Expertise Skill for negotiation. Taunt an opponent and turn their attacks toward the party.
Side-effects: Skill #/up, Negotiation Success Rate Up

Can be increased up to Class 2


Requirements to Unlock: None

Skill Icon Taunt.png Taunt Default Active Almighty Taunt - 3 MP Taunt your target, thus gaining their attention.
Skill Icon Mischief.png Mischief 1-0 Active Almighty Taunt 1 3 MP Get their attention by making mischief. Has a rare chance of inflicting confusion.
Instigate.jpg Instigate 2-0 Active Almighty Shot 1 5% MP Get the attention of all enemies around the target.

How to Train Expertise

  • Unlike Talk or Threaten, this skill may cause the enemy to be hostile towards you.
  • It is suggested you Taunt a Lost Hua Po because the demon would practically not attack back when provoked.

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