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Template for Ingame view of an Item.

  • This will be a meta Template designed to be a part of the new Item Template. It should not be used directly, instead see <Item template when it is ready>
  • This will likely be AnnanFay's version - User:AnnanFay/ItemTemplates
  • Status as of 1st July:- Combined style of AnnanFay's item layout with basic template mechanics. Still need to do some more, and to figure out how Extra basic features should be handled.
Type: {{{Type}}}
Affinity: {{{Affinity}}}
Gender: {{{Gender}}}
Level: {{{Level Limit}}}
Physical Defense: {{{Physical Defense}}}
Magic Defense: {{{Magic Defense}}}
Close-Range: {{{Close-Range}}}
Long-Range: {{{Long-Range}}}
Spell: {{{Spell}}}
Support: {{{Support}}}
Critical: {{{Critical}}}
{{{Additional Boost 1 Type}}}: {{{Additional Boost 1 Value}}}
{{{Additional Boost 2 Type}}}: {{{Additional Boost 2 Value}}}
{{{Additional Boost 3 Type}}}: {{{Additional Boost 3 Value}}}
{{{Additional Boost 4 Type}}}: {{{Additional Boost 4 Value}}}
{{{Additional Boost 5 Type}}}: {{{Additional Boost 5 Value}}}
{{{Additional Boost 6 Type}}}: {{{Additional Boost 6 Value}}}
Durability: [{{{Durability}}}]
Spiritual Mixing: {{{Spiritual Mixing}}}
Tarot Fusions: {{{Tarot Fusions}}}
Soul Stone Fusions: {{{Soul Stone Fusions}}}
Slot 1: {{{Slot 1}}}
Slot 2: {{{Slot 2}}}
Slot 3: {{{Slot 3}}}
Slot 4: {{{Slot 4}}}
Slot 5: {{{Slot 5}}}
  • {{{Characteristic 1}}}
  • {{{Characteristic 2}}}
  • {{{Characteristic 3}}}
  • {{{Characteristic 4}}}
  • {{{Characteristic 5}}}

{{{Item Description}}}

[Modification Material] {{{Modification Material}}}
Bonus: {{{Modification Bonus}}}