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[Technique] An Expertise Skill for negotiation. Threaten and strong arm an opponent into the party.
Side-effects: Skill #/up, Negotiation Success Rate/up

Can be increased up to Class 2


Requirements to Unlock: None

Skill Icon Threaten.png Threaten Default Active Almighty Threaten - 3 MP Sometimes you have to threaten someone to obtain what you want.
Skill Icon Shout.png Shout 1-0 Active Almighty Threaten 1 3 MP Shout at an unprepared conversation partner. Occasionally inflicts bind effect on the person.
Skill Icon Intimidate.png Intimidate 2-0 Active Almighty Threaten - 3 MP, 5% HP Threaten a demon to obtain what you want.

How to Train Expertise

  • Demons that are of a higher level than your character's current level will not negotiate with you.
  • Use the skill "Threaten" to a group of Pixie, Lost Hua Po, and Kodama found near Home III in Suginami or any place in the world with a group close by.
    • You do not have to form a contract with them, just using the skill on the demon raises it. Move on to the next target whenever they turn into a Demon Egg, Demon Box or disappear.
  • If you have an equipment with Cool-down/ Incantation, spam the skill and give the enemy little time to attack back. If not, you can talk to non-hostile such as Lost Hua Po.
  • Talk skills were originally Mind affinity, but due to the fact some demons null this affinity, it was quickly changed to Almighty affinity. Despite being Almighty affinity, using affinity boosts like that from Enka no Hanamichi or other gear will not raise your negotiation success.

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