Transfer Skill Gauge

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The gauge accumulates power either through damage dealt or damage received. The percentage of power is stored for later use in term of Stocks

Note: Your COMP will determine how many stocks you can have at a time.

When the gauge is full, it lets you unleash powerful spells like Mega Blaze.

Types of Gauge Transfer

See Transfer Skills

Notes about usage

  • When using an offensive or cursing skill, you must have an opponent selected or you will not get the skill used.
  • When using a curative or supportive skill, it will be automatically applied to all in the vicinity.

How to unlock

Talk to the Friendly Demon Buster in Suginami which is in front of the entrance to Home III

Coordinates are (X14,Y20) in Suginami

You will receive Extra stock pack (for newbies) after listening about Demon Fusion Spells which allows you to use the Transfer skill with an extra one stock on the gauge.