Underworld Battle Colosseum

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Underworld Battle Colosseum
Exit(s) Dark Babel at (x23, y18)

The Underworld Battle Colosseum is a battle-type competition located in Dark Babel and is currently unavailable in ReIMAGINE.
This competition puts players' skills to the test as they take on 5 different rounds of difficult demons within 15 minutes.


There are two levels of difficulty [Normal] and [Transcendental].

  • [Normal] is almost equal to Ultimate Battle of Kakyou Castle.
  • [Transcendental] is one of the most difficult battles of the game.

Entry with party is possible and there is no entrance restriction.


  • Unavailable:
    • Admission is possible at the Demon Researcher NPC at North Terminal in Dark Babel.


To start the run, players must touch the box at the center of the Colosseum.

  • Players must defeat all enemies to automatically progress to the next round.
  • Boxes will appear as the rounds and enemies progress.
    • These rewards can be collected during and after the run is over.
  • NOTE:
    • The total time limit is 15 minutes.
    • If the timer strikes 0, the run is over.
    • In the case of [Transcendental], the enemies firepower is strengthened, and their suffered damage is greatly reduced.

Round Abnormal Status Effect Other Notes
Round 1: Bad Status •【damaged amplification】
Increases 50% damage received.
Round 2 or 4 Player or Demon Damage Disabled -- --
Round 3: -- -- • Enemies have Almighty and Suicide resistance.
Round 5: Bad Status • 【Cooldown and Incant Extended】
200% Cooldown/Incant increase
• 【Physical damage suppression】 or 【Magic damage suppression】
-200% Physical/Magical damage given
• High resists for enemies
• Spell use unavailable (all spells) or Special skill use unavailable (expertise skills such switch skills).
• Only Digitalize Skills or Equipment Skills are accessible.


Normal boxes and green boxes filled with DF items, Jellys,

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