Virtual Appearance

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Virtual Appearance (VA) is a feature where you can "mask" over your equipment with VA equips you have stored in your VA closet. These equips do not supply any stats as they are purely for aesthetics.

You may start adding equips to your VA closet with the use of VA chips also known as VA Custom Memory (1 VA chip per piece of equipment):

These are obtainable through:

She looks like this and can be seen next to a Pixie.


You may access the Virtual Appearance interface by clicking the clothes hanger button near the top of your inventory.

This is the VA interface.

• 1 - Equipped VA gear panel

This panel shows what VA gear you have equipped. You also have the ability to hide certain parts of your equips by double clicking any of these at the bottom:

You cannot hide weapons.

• 2 - VA closet

This contains all equips you have VA'd. You have a maximum of 50 slots, but you can remove an equip if you like.

• 3 - VA closet interface: add/remove

This button opens up another interface that lets you add a piece of equipment to your VA closet, given that you have both a VA chip and the desired equipment.

  • 1. This button adds an equip to your VA closet displayed below. Click the desired equip in the top inventory and then click this button to add to the closet (make sure you have a VA chip present).
  • 2. This button removes a VA'd equip from your closet. Click any equip from the closet below and then click this button to remove it. There will be no way of retrieving it unless you decide to VA it again (thus wasting another chip).
  • 3. Returns to the initial interface.

• 4 - Remove all VA gear

This button takes off all VA equips that are currently equipped.

• 5 - Undo last change

This button undoes the last change you made to your outfit.

• 6 - Apply

Applies all changes.


  • You do not have to have the actual piece of equipment with you to be able to equip it in VA. Once it is in your closet, you can take it off and put it on whenever you like.
  • People often let others borrow gear to VA.
  • Alpha (α) variants of most gears can be VA'd.
  • Movement wings will not retain their movement speed if equipped via VA (This also applies to all other equips that affect movement speed).
  • VA'd gear's special stances/animations will work (e.g. Obsidian Mask pose, COMPrella summon animation).