Izumo Island

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Izumo Island


You can enter the Virtual Beach Southern Country via DB Harumi at Home III Camp Ground. Pick the option to pay 10k Macca to enter. Once you're at the beach, head to the far west where you can now find a teleporter.

Entry condition: DB license Class A, Lv 75


· After killing enemies, you can warp for different ways.

· Depending on the selected route, the number of warps and the degree of difficulty change.

· Some areas during evening spawn BOSS class demons. (Some enemies are only at full moon)

· Enemies drop Fossil Ores that can be traded for some Variant demons at DB Harumi:

300 Fossil Ore: Akuma Angel or Akuma Inexperienced Mothman or Akuma King Frost

1000 Fossil Ore: Akuma Hresvelgr or Akuma Hel or Akuma Ose

2000 Fossil Ore: Akuma Odin or Akuma Lilith or Akuma Arahabaki

· There is 341 different routes in total

· The shortest route is Fairy → Foul → Fallen → Raptor (select all B).

· The longest route is Fairy → Earth Element → Wilder/Beast → Foul/Holy Beast → Nocturne/Haunt → Brute/Femme → Fallen/Wild Bird → Divine/Evil Dragon → Yoma → Raptor.

· The best route for XP is Fairy → Earth Element → Beast → Holy Beast → Nocturne → Brute → Fallen → Evil Dragon → Yoma → Raptor (AAABDAAB).

· Boss area have a hole where you have to bring items for different boss versions.

· The boss varies depending on the items you bring to the hole:

6 Hair drops or less = Fly

7 Hair drops or Kushinada Hime summoned = Pah Bil Sag

7 Hair drops or Kushinada Hime summoned with Yashio'ori Sake = Yamata no Orochi

7 Hair drops or Kushinada Hime summoned with Golden Sake or Rare Golden Sake = True Yamata no Orochi


Orochi Route

  • Fossil Ore x3
  • Coral x6
  • Demonic Compendium: Yamata-no-Orochi
  • Broken Blade
  • Broken Handle
  • Kusanagi

True Orochi Route

Yamata no Orochi Plugin

True Yamata no Orochi route has a chance to drop the plugin item "8 Headed Snake Image" as a reward. Pass it to the NPC "Chappy" in Virtual Beach to get the plugin.


  • Thanks to IGN: Ennis for translated Izumo Island guide.

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