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SMTI title.png

This is a copy of the Sesshou Wiki which is itself a copy of the Official Aeria Games SMT: Imagine Wiki made on the 3rd March, 2012. All of the credit for this information should remain with all wiki editors who put so much time and effort into maintaining the Wiki during our time with Aeria Games - and of course, all the wiki editors who continue to put their valuable time into improving the wiki still.

Getting Started
Character Interface Controls
Commands Helpful Links

Character Classes
Close-Range Long-Range Magic
Support Synthesizer Crafter

Skills & Data
Expertise Technical Data Skill Data
Item Mixing Mixology Mixing Spiritual Mixing
Damage Type Durability Moon Phases
Equipment Set Bonus Soul Stone Set Bonus Virtual Appearance
Abnormal Status Soul Stone Skills Equipment Skills
Weapon Modification

The World
Episodes Quests Events
Locations Denshi Kairo PvP
Dungeons G1 Trial Alignment
Cathedral of Shadows Golden Ark Casino Casino Arena
Invoke System Daily Mission Pentalpha
DESTINY Club Hourai Clans
Plasma COMP Shop Rag's Shop
Golden Light Appraisal CP

Compendium Demon Crystals Rebirth
Demon Friendship Demon Quests Rebirth Convert
Plugins Demon Fusion Demon Species
Inherit Skills Demon Skills Demon Sacrifice
WILDCAT Demon Force Transfer Skills
Demon Mounts Mitama Fusion Features
Epitaphs Demon Digitalize Mitama Features

Consumables DCMs Valuables
Weapon Mods Clothing Mod Synthesis
Mixology Compounding Cards
Card Sets Gems DF Items
Vouchers Fortune Cards Summon PGs
Misc Items


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Head Face Back
Neck Top Earrings
Arms Bottom COMP
Ring Shoes Talismans
Extras Crystal Spirits
1-Handed Swords Axes Handguns
2-Handed Swords Primitive Weapons Rifles
Thrust Swords Spears Shotguns
Martial Arts Bullet

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