Weapon Modification

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Modification or specifically "Weapon Modification" is a means of improving a player's weapon through the application of specific boosts to its Modification Slots.

  • Not to be confused with Soul Stone Infusion or Tarot Infusion, these modifications can raise a weapon's:
    • Basic Stats
    • Affinity Damage
    • Or Action-Based damage all when using said weapon.

Basic Modifying Tutorial

The Master Dwarf NPC in Shinjuku Babel offers a quest that explains the modification process in full.

  • Once you have the cabinets and items to modify your weapon with:
  1. Unequip your weapon
  2. Double-click on the cabinet to use
  3. Double-click on your weapon to bring it into the cabinet window
  4. Then double-click on the item you want to use to upgrade it.


  • The Cabinet window will only show up if you have the modification material in your inventory.


When modifying, players must start off with the lowest stat modification and work upwards.

  • This will show up as +1 modification item for the appropriate slot.
    • For example, your first modification item for Magic [Slot 1] would be a Dis-Stone.


  • The cabinet window will tell you the probability of a '"Great Failure".
  • If you go ahead with the modification and receive a Great Failure, your weapon will be destroyed and the modification material used will be lost.
    • To prevent a loss of the weapon, players will need to use a Material Sequencer I or a Material Sequencer II.
      • However, the modification material used to modify your weapon will be lost with every "Great Failure", so farm enough modification materials!
  • Players also have a chance of a Success or Great Success.
    • A Success means players who succeeded will add 1 stat to their weapon, with a Great Success adding 2.

Upgrading Slots

You have already modified the slot on your weapon and wish to upgrade to a higher upgrade.

To "stack" modification items of the same attribute on your slot you will need the next best upgrade.

  • For example:
    • Your weapon modification is currently +1
    • Players will neeed to upgrade that same slot with the next modification item, +2, and so on.
    • You can continue to upgrade up to the highest upgrade up till the last upgrade or switch to working on another slot.


  • If a player ever decides to replace a slot with another stat, affinity damage, or action-based damage, they will need to start from +1 again.

Relevant Links

  • Japanese Wiki on "Production Supplies" [Wiki Post].